Please traders, dump to 7 cent now!! Do not wait!!

in crash •  6 months ago

Disclaimer... this is my personal rant/opinion and no investment advice whatsoever!

How stupid can one be in order to dump this project, so close to a major revolution?!??!?

This is really brain-amputated... or they must have some inside information that @ned has disappeared and nobody can find him anywhere anymore....

I mean come on... why leave this project, when it is number 32... why not leave it when it is number 1 when the SMTs come out and create the biggest bang ever seen in the crypto market???

Like SBD Experts

This is really so annoying... I mean people who do not understand crypto can also make you benefit, like the SBD buyers who really bought SBD's above 1 USD, when it is clearly not worth a cent more. This was great for earning a higher passive income, as the 50% paid out in SBD were worth up to 1000% more, I was wondering if they had some inside knowledge... something that I did not know.
But really, they painted their technical analysis and why they hodled SBD's at 3 or 4 USD... and why it would shoot up any moment again... That was funny but worrying...

Now we have this kind of experts on the other side again... they are selling the most promising crypto asset for peanuts...
If I wasn't all in I would buy more enjoying the dip... As I am convinced that like the case with the SBD buyers, the Steem sellers do not have any inside information neither... But I am totally convinced that this project will really rock, so I would not hesitate to sell kidney for this project... Staying half in trash currencies would not make sense for me.

This is like the normal stock market

People are just buying and selling totally brainless... like in the normal stock market... anyone who knows what he is doing (who has inside information) is not allowed to trade. Only the stupid and uninformed are allowed to trade.... what explains a 25,000 points Dow Jones... Or a 0% bond market... or billions of capitalized life insurances (which invest in junk bonds, also called sovereign debt)... ;)

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everything is possible in crypto even sbd can touch sky for so long :D


The thing I like about the SBD is that is backed up by something, it is worth something, it's attached to real value. We need SBD for steemit, it has a purpose unlike other cryptocurrencies


I agree with that. It is backed by 1 USD worth of Steem. I like the fact that it has been worth many times that for the last 6 months. But I take that as a gift... I am selling them right after I get them for Steem, which has no 1 USD ceiling in terms of worth... SBD has a bottom at 1 USD though as well... which Steem does not have..

Thanks sir @mexbit for always share some valuable content with us

thats my biggest desire to see steem and sbd too the skyy 🙁

I've been holding on to my SBD for a few months. It's only 50 SBD no big deal. However, the blind bull run is going to return, either this summer or winter.

The volume of SBD is so low that the fool traders will keep pumping it over and over again. As soon as people start to catch on their will be a new wave of dumb money that enters the space.