More Christmas Crafting: Wood Log Candle Holders

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Hello everyone! I wanted to share one more Christmas crafting I did with my girlfriend in December 2017 :)

In addition to the Christmas wreath my girlfriend wanted to make (which I helped her accomplish), she also wanted to make Christmas/Yule candles (or candle holders) made from wood logs, which hold a fondue candle inside.

These log candles make a nice decorative change from the standard candles one would use to light up an evening meal, like a Christmas meal. You can of course use them for any meal, but they go well with the Christmas/Yule woodsy "spirit" of the holidays :)

We made these before making the wreath. I didn't take pictures of all the material before completion, sorry :/

Cutting the log

My girlfriend showed up at my place one night with a log in her arms :) It was time to get crafting!

I cut the first candle log, and she did most of the second which I finished off, and I did the third on my own at a later date. I didn't have a good big saw, as mine had teeth that were too fine and not suited for sawing fresh wood too well.... but I did have a handy "swiss army" style tool that had a good cutting saw with larger and sharper teeth to get the job done better than the fine-tooth larger saw. It was tiring to cut the wood with a small 4 inch blade, but we got the job done :)

Make sure to get a log that is wide enough, wider than the 1.5 inch fondue candles that go into it. different widths give a different style, but we live int he city so finding logs by the road is rare enough, and luckily my girlfriend had found a log lying on the street that was just thick enough :)

Drill the hole

After you cut the logs, drill down with a 1.5 inch wood drill bit. You can buy them at a hardware store. Of note, I recommend having a vice-grip station to keep a hold of the small wood logs. I didn't have one, and I had to hold onto the wood as I tried to drill with the 1.5 inch bit... which didn't work. It had too much grit on the larger surface area and I couldn't hold onto the torque.

To get the larger 1.5 inch bit to drill out the wood, I first used the 1.5 inch bit to make the shape that the candle would fit in. Then I took a 1/2 inch bit and drilled around the the circle shape to take out the most of the wood. At that point, I could use the 1.5 inch bit to refine the shape and make it round, without the torque spinning the log around in my hand :)

Don't drill too deep with the either the small or large bits, as the fondue candle will go too deep and be covered by the wood log (so to speak). Drill a bit and put the candle in to see if you have reached the desirable depth. If not, keep repeating that process of drill and test.

Insert the candle

The drilling went a bit off-angle for me in one or two cases, so I had to put some wood-pulp shavings from the drilling inside the holes in order to even out the level when the candle was placed inside. Otherwise, the candle was a bit too lopsided :) They aren't perfectly level, but they are good enough.

After you're done drilling, put in the candles and presto: done!

wood log candle holder2.jpg

wood log candle holder1.jpg

The first one I did was the taller log, which had the candle sticking out more. I was too lazy to go back to it and drill more :P

What do you think? Pretty nice anyways, right?

These decorative wood log candle holders only cost the price of the drill bit and the fondue candles, along with time and energy to make :)

To buy these in a store would cost a few dollars, anywhere from $3 to $40 or more for sets.

We didn't look around at various designs. I see now that some crafters/sellers had a cut in the side for the wax to drip out of. Some log candle holders are also done horizontally.


wood log wax out.jpg


wood log horizontal.jpg

Thank you for your time and attention.

I hope you like the idea and maybe you will make your own. :)

Take care. Peace.

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Very Creative!

Nice to see back @krnel



Thank you. Steem on as well!

They are absolutely exquisite! What kind of wood is it? It looks really pretty for the candle holder idea!


Thank you :) Maybe it's maple? I'm not sure... It's a nice little thing that changes how a table is lit ;)


I think these are my top choices for romantic times. Wonderland ... @krnel

Maybe they are not perfect, but they are most definitely awesome! And I'm pretty sure it feels really good to make something of your own instead of buying it in the store :)


Thanks :) Yes, it's good to create things :)

They look pretty good and more importantly, they are all natural. You did a nice job and I'm sure your next ones are going to be even better and more creative.


Thank you :)

Tat looks pretty cool! I love the idea and well made too. Keep up a good work! I do enjoy occasional handcrafting so might share something as well :)


Thanks :)

Remarkably beautiful my friend. I am jealous! LOL It definitely offers an ambiance for all to enjoy. Thanks.


Thank you, it does add a different "flare" to the room :)

I would keep the ideas...I love crafting and creative art, especially great idea like this. (DIY is my favorite activities at home)
Thanks for sharing, @krnel!
Hung (@iipoh06)


You're welcome, craft on ;)

Thanks for sharing friend ! Im follow you now :) @krnel


You're welcome ;)


I'm waiting for more :))) @krnel

Woah didn't think those sell for that much. On the other hand, they do elevate ambiance and I imagine the higher the price point, the more "rare" the materials are. I could easily imagine the ones you made scattered about in a room during a romantic candle-lit dinner date or something. nudge nudge


Hehe, I think I would need to buy a real saw to do a lot more of them ;)


I was lowkey pushing you to try the romantic candle lit dinner with your gf with the woodcraft candles aroubd the room actually lol. But if you do consider starting your own business, that would be interesting to read about. And of course, with a real saw xD

Cool stuff and pretty original :)


Thanks ;)

A very daring and creative work, I liked the idea of making wooden candlesticks, it really saves money, just needs a little patience!


Thank you. Yeah, it's a nice change the setting for an occasion :)


Nice post..thanks for sharing ;)

It's wonderful. They look very nice. I want a corner of my house from these @krnel

these are really admirable , I hope you will give me as a gift on next Christmas :)

DIY always fascinates me @krnel these are excellent ideas for DIY that's simple and elegant.

This is lovely! I especially like the horizontal tea-light one. So neat that you and your girlfriend craft together!

A lovely, simple idea. Making things out of wood is so rewarding.