Christmas Yule Wreath Crafting

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Long time no type :)

I wanted to show off the wreath crafting my girlfriend and I did for Christmas/Yule.


She wanted to make a natural wreath with natural material. Fortunately, we had a trip planned to visit my grandmother in the country area (west of Montreal). It permitted us to go for a trip to the woods to gather some materials to craft with...

  • some tree branches with needles
  • some wood branches
  • some dried leaves
  • some pine cones

Needle branches

We walked in the snow and went searching for some coniferous Christmas-like trees to get branches from. There were different types, and we got a few branches of 3 different types of pine needle trees.

One was the usual Christmas looking type which makes up the majority of the wreath. Another was similar, but had small little pine cones already part of the branches (which was a nice touch). One were long needles which we didn't end up using.


Pine cones

We tried to find pine cones, but could not, as there was already snow on the ground. On a side note... we tried to go a week earlier, but ran into some issues with our car rental and had to cancel the the trip the week before when it was 10 degrees Celsius in December! That would have been easier to move around than the large snowfall which fell early the next week...

But luckily my grandmother had some "connections", and had obtained some pine cones of different sizes, like the shorter fat kind and longer ones you see in the wreath end-product.



Tying it together

To make the shape, we tied branches together and bent them around to make a circular shape. At first we were using white twine, but decided to go get brown twine, and ended up buying some green twine instead which hides itself even better.

The pine cones are tied to the branches with the green twine. Some extra branches with the little pine cones were slipped into the existing structure to give it some extra pizazz :)

It sort of turned out to be heart shaped <3 with the bow on top as a finishing touch :)

In the end, she didn't use any of the dried deciduous branches, but did incorporate some of the dried deciduous leaves :)

It was a team effort, but she was the creative inspiration to get it all started and decided how it would look. I helped in the design logistics of how to make it by wrapping it around on itself, rather than use a frame. I also found the double bow design to make :)


I like the end result. It's very natural looking, more authentic I suppose :) We hung it up on the back door.


Next year we will make a second one, this time with a better circular shape, maybe make a frame first to wrap it all around which will help it keep a circular shape more easily.

Have a good one. Take care. Peace.

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Handmand craft is always the best , though I suck at it . You guys did an amazing job ! Happy New Year :)


Thank you :)

I did a double take when I saw you posted. Welcome back(?)! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It sounds like your grandma has her own following xD The wreath turned out nice. Next year would be better for sure with this experience. It reminds me of some high school memory actually but it's a long story. Anyway! It's nice to see a post from you. I hope you and your girlfriend had a fantastic holiday with everyone in your family (hey, grandma!).


Thank you :) Maybe I'll be back at some point... I'll try to find things to post about hehe. Today is my birthday so the gf will be making me some nice food :) Take care.


Maybe I'll be back at some point...

Your followers would be waiting (me included of course). But no pressure. It's nice to be able to do other things, too.

Today is my birthday so the gf will be making me some nice food :)

Happy birthday! Wishing you more birthdays to come. It's so cute you're celebrating it with her making you food. Ah love!


Thanks :)

Nice to "see" you here again-- and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your girlfriend! And well done on the wreath-- really like the natural look of it.

The whole foraging and making decorations from natural materials brought back some fond memories from my childhood. I don't remember us ever buying any kind of greenery; there was also a swampy area in the woods behind our house where we'd cut the long streamers from weeping willows to use as twine; the thicker willow sprigs we used to weave into a rope-like base we'd dry and use for wreaths the following year.


Awesome! That's cool that you made those materials yourself rather than buy it :) Have a good year as well :)

Hope you had a great holiday and happy belated birthday. Missed you around here man.


Thank you man :) I'll try to motivate myself to start posting again ;) I have missed putting out info, and getting rewarded with money for doing so hehe :) It's my second to last day in a temp contract replacing the systems admin who is on vacation. See you around soon maybe... ;) Peace.

happy new year and welcome back? (does it fit i don't know!) your grandma seems like she knows the underground market and deals of pine cones :P for real i have seen the small ones and basically i can see them every day but as far as ti concerns the larger ones it's the first time i see them, i have no clue there can be that huge!

Overall the result was great, it really seems it's hand made in a good way!


Yup, it turned out great. Thanks for the feedback :)

Wreath's like you built are selling for $50-$250 these days, it's absurd given the bill of materials cost (foraging!). We did same, it's a trend. World labor prices (making wreaths) has gotten so aburd, do-it-yourself has become a massive trend indeed.


Wow... I didn't know that hehe. Thanks for the feedback.

Lovely hand craft! It must have been a pleasure making it. It's great that you remember to do simple but enjoyable things, the opportunities for such activities are all around us but we often fail to see them. Cheers! : )


Yeah it was good fun to make :)

Grandmothers always have "Connections." :)


LOL, indeed ;)

You have talent, I loved the Christmas wreath.
Happy New Year @krnel, may everything happen in your life, may your year be filled with achievements. Love, health, prosperity, peace ... luck and sucess!


Thank you :) To you as well :)

Welcome back.

Seems like everyone takes some time off from Steemit sooner or later.

I'm looking forward to some thought provoking posts from you.


Thanks :) yeah, maybe I'll try to post more... heh... I would probably still be devoted to steemit if I didn't get targeted for putting out thought provoking information that others didn't want to see get rewarded... Just felt better to not be involved even if I was still making money ;)


I've given up on the "rewarded" aspect of it.

Now I'm just using the platform to share some hopefully helpful knowledge and interact with the few people left on this planet with an intellect.


Good way to go about it :)

Good to see ya posting :)


Thanks :)

Great work, beautiful creation and the best using nature as inspiration. I write to you from Venezuela


Thank you :)

kool wreath!
welcome back havent seen you around for like 2 months or so.


Thanks :) It's been a while indeed...


Couldnt have picked a better time to come back with the price how it is, or was. i havent looked sense this morning.

greatpost @krnel sir.
thanks for this post
happy new year

It's sooooooo rustic looking!! I love the imperfections, they make it absolutely perfect!! EFF Store bought!! This wreath rocks!!!!

Good to see you back in the saddle Krnel- IMHO you are one of the best content creators on steemit

Just beautiful!