Really cool project! I can tell you guys had fun painting those.

Thank you! Yes, it was fun and so simple, yet effective.

Wow, I like it. You’re a genius @viking-ventures ♩ •♬

Those eggs are really cool! You turned simple eggs into a piece of art.

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Thank you very much!
They were fun to make.

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This is really nice because you can reuse them for subsequent Easters as well.

Thanks! Yes, that is a definite plus. You can build to the collection by year - a great way to watch the growing up of children!

Very neat! Those are really pretty, and best of all, you will still have them to decorate and for next year!

We have SO many eggs because we have a lot of chickens. Literally, we have over 20 dozen eggs right now. So we have no shortage of chicken eggs 😂 but these wooden ones are really cool.


Been there, done that... lol. But there is still a limit to how many hard-boiled eggs one can eat. I remember this struggle growing up, when we usually had lots of eggs by Easter. Mom ate lots of egg-salad sandwiches (because we didn't like them!)
Of course, with real eggs, you could do the whole pin-hole thing and blow out the contents and use the shell like in Fabergé eggs.
Thanks for commenting!

What a great idea!! We always have soo many eggs left over and the candy is a big no go in our household! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea! Great fun for the whole family!

Thanks! If you do one per person (or more) per year, then everyone has a very personal collection when they grow up.
And these dot-based flowers are so simple, anyone can do it!

Ahh these are so cute! I remember making things like this when I was at school! Miss doing crafty things. This would be the perfect wind up for chocolate hungry kids haha.

lol - yes, could be disappointing for the kids expecting chocolate, but if they've done the painting to begin with, they know exactly what they are and might even like finding "their own" eggs!
Thanks for your comment!

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Thank you!
Although my picture isn't the greatest, you might also appreciate my healthy chocolate cake...

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