mujhe cow achi lagte hai

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hello my all friend kaisey hoo app saab dost.ajj maine app kye saath cow kye photo share kerne lagai hoo app ko mere ajj kye post bhut hai achi lagye gai ajj maine jaise cow kye photo app kye saath share kero ga bhut hai achi cow app ko bhi achi lagye gai.mujhe achi lagye uss wajha sy maine app dostion kye saath share kerne lagai hoo.mujhw cow bhut achi lagte hai maine uss ka ghoust bhut hai zaida shouq sy khtai hoo mere ghar maine saab loog uss ka ghoust bhut hai zaida shouq sy khtai hai uss ka ghoust sheath kye lyeahi bhi bhut hai zaida acha hota hai.


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uss ka milk bhi sheath kye lyeahi bhut acha hota hai aur app kye jisam ko acha aur sheathmaand kartai hai aur choute bachion ko uss ka hai milk dyna cyeahi.uss kye milk sy bhut sy sweet dish tyaar kye jatey hai jao mujhe bhut hai zaida achi lagte hai aur mujhe pasand bhi hai bhut hai zaida.mujhe uss kye milk kye icecream bhut hai zaida pasand hai aur maine bhut shouq sy khtai hoo icecream.aur garmion maine loog icecream ka istmaal bhut zaida karte hai aur maine daily raat ko sonye sy phalye uss ka milk pai kar soutya hoo.

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