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RE: Spokane County Denied Moving To The Next Phase of Opening - Covid in My Town

Inslee is a terrorist and needs to be removed at all costs. Spokane will be permanently losing more than half of its restaurants within the next month, and more than half of my sales. The disgust that most in Spokane are feeling for the state government is getting progressively more and more. Unfortunately our mayor and sheriff are sort of trying but they need to just say no to the state and open the county. What is Inslee going to do, bring in the military?


He actually IS bringing in the National Guard.

We need businesses to just open up. I have been networking and am ready to support them. Even our tyrannical sheriff Ozzie has said he will stand down and not cite or jail anyone for breaking orders. We just need businesses to start opening. Support is there and we don't need to be asking for permission anyhow. We are free people. I for one will support anyone willing to defy orders and open.