It's Time to Say it: If HCQ Works, Hyper-Partisan Democrats Have Murdered Most of COVID Patients

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No matter how you spin it, the judgement of a Yale Professor of Epidemiology, thousands of doctors worldwide who work directly with COVID-19 patients on a daily basis, and dozens of studies cannot be discounted.

The fact that frontline doctors have stepped forward in revolt against the hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) ban in every state but Ohio, knowing they risk being fired for speaking out, is almost secondary. At least one of the doctors of "America's Frontline Doctors," who wish to be able to prescribe a protocol for COVID which employs HCQ, has already been fired.

If the math and science are correct, then the death toll for COVID in the US is not merely incrementally higher than what it might have been. If the science is correct, this was a genocide of the vulnerable.

It is a harsh accusation, but no worse than accusations that people who refuse to wear masks outside are killing people. And the science is far more compelling.

Different doctors and studies arrive at roughly the same numbers. For a ballpark figure, the numbers indicate that 80% of the people who have so far died from COVID in the US have died needlessly, if the differing death rates between HCQ countries and non-HCQ countries are extrapolated.

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Source: "Largest Statistically Significant Study by 6,200 Multi-Country Physicians on COVID-19 Uncovers Treatment Patterns and Puts Pandemic in Context."

Dr. Zev Zelenko independently arrives at about the same proportion of patients who he says can be helped or saved by an HCQ protocol, saying if his numbers hold across a larger sample of patients, "the pandemic is over."

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is focused more on vaccines, has argued against evidence that HCQ works, by saying that no "double blind randomized clinical trial" has proven that it does. But the absence of such a study does not mean that the dozens of peer-reviewed studies which indicate that it does work are meaningless.

Absence of proof does not equal absence of evidence. Especially if that evidence is strong evidence, such as the great majority of 65-plus studies.

A look at the counter-evidence is instructive. Here Fauci adopts a different standard. One study which showed that HCQ may cause heart side effects was conducted by administering many times the recommended dose, as much as 1200 mg a day for 10 days.

The upper-end dose for Plaquenil (HCQ) for the treatment of malaria (not the smaller prevention dose) is:

Adults: 800 mg followed by 400 mg at 6 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours after the initial dose.

Thus the recommended treatment dose is 2000mg total over four days. The study gave participants 12,000mg over ten days. This is the study which prompted the FDA to issue its warning over the use of HCQ.

Yet the study is a "double-blind, randomized trial," Fauci's "gold standard" as he called this in congressional testimony. Which is a statistical standard, only as good as the data fed into it.

Dr. Lisa Koche said, who supports the un-banning of HCQ use for COVID, "Anything we use at four times the recommended dose is going to do that (cause heart arrhythmia.)"

(Dr. Lisa Koche below)

Another of the studies seems to have been deliberately designed to generate a pre-ordained conclusion, and was the subject of a sparring match between Yale epidemiologist and a CNN anchor.
The CNN hatchet man was no match for the doctor, despite bluster and repeatedly talking over him. Yale's Professor Harvey Rich made clear that, no matter what big words the CNN hatchet man tried throw at him, they "studied the wrong people."

Although Fauci calls evidence that HCQ works "flawed" science, he is conspicuously silent on the flaws in the science which had such a huge impact on stigmatizing HCQ - after it was mentioned by Trump and became a political football. The studies which determined that HCQ was either useless or even dangerous were the subject of scandals at the world's two most prestigious medical journals, The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM.)

The studies were withdrawn in record time, once doctors and scientists began to accuse the authors of sloppiness and outright fraudulance. The anti-HCQ study authors were some of the most highly respected doctors in the world, telling us there are doctors willing to sell their souls to boost a political narrative.

No one knows what they had to gain. What do doctors gain who fight to be able to prescribe their patients an HCQ protocol? Getting fired. And perhaps saving patients' lives. One need not be science-smart to see where this is going if one is people-smart.

Yale Doctor-Professor Risch said his estimate was that, were the HCQ ban across the country to be declared over and lifted, "75,000 to 100,000 lives" could be saved.

Underneath that statement lurks a terrible implication. The implication is that lives counted in the tens of thousands might have been saved over the past months, had the hyper-partisanship of Trump's enemies not poisoned the debate. And triggered a syndrome which says that, anything the man says is true, must be shown to be false. At all costs.

Or maybe it is worse than that. Maybe without a certain appalling death count, an agenda would ground to a halt. Perhaps some people wanted all those people to die. Now we are talking about mass murder.

The absolute foaming-at-the-mouth reaction against HCQ because Orange Man said something about it may have been killing people. And not a small number of people.

As the science stands, no study has shown that HCQ is not safe for use for COVID when used properly, under the direction of a physician who excludes patients who are not good candidates.

But it is easy to find many articles which highlight people dying when they have self-prescribed HCQ or relatives of HCQ. As if that is what the debate were over.

We have learned that even medical websites like are not above publishing transparent hit pieces on doctors fighting to treat their patients as they see fit. In very un-doctor-like language laced with with pejoratives a doctor writes:

While their farcical claims are easily dismissed by medical professionals, the effect of their pseudoscience on the public is nothing to scoff at.

Obviously a cool, objective head. Fortunately the best part of each article is a comments free-for-all, in which another doctor responds:

What this author is doing is calling all the Frontline doctors liars. So, I guess that makes all the successful treatments from many other doctors a myth? I believe these doctors are treating their patients successfully and are not driven by politics--like almost all the studies that come out against HCQ. So, why are the governors who banned HCQ fighting for immunity? In reality, they are guilty of third degree murder.

It is time for the chickens to come home to roost, on a 99.8% survival rate virus which the public was originally asked to indulge the government in a 15-day lockdown, in order to "flatten the curve." This has transformed into a nightly news "New Cases Panic Porn" to keep the fear high among a scientifically childish population.

What should be terrifying is reflection upon the question, what is this coordinated, relentless assault on personal liberties and truth driving us towards?

Although new cases keep rising, death rates keep going down. Children's robust immune systems do especially well with the virus, and conquer it quickly. The problem is that Trump recently pointed this out, even though Bloomberg News has pointed it out as well. Even though Bloomberg concluded last May that:

For children [under age 15] the risk of dying from Covid-19 appears to be much less than that of dying from influenza and pneumonia even in the most pessimistic of...scenarios.

Watch for stories in the coming weeks about how COVID is suddenly singling out children.

Partisan Democrats have committed murder by denying an effective treatment to patients, for whatever reason. It is time to say it out loud. This is not, and was not, okay.

World COVID Death Rate Declining Even as New Cases Rise

Chart below: Can we believe COVID numbers?



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