EURO 2020 moved to 2021.

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So it is officially official as a decision was made this afternoon by the league's governing body to move Euro 2020 to 2021.
Good to see everyone taking g precautions to help curb the Covid-19 menace.


What does this mean for the tournament?

I think this is a good move because the integrity of the game must be put into consideration while gunning for medals.

Lots of players have tested positive to the virus and while Europe seem to be hard hit after China, a game being organized now will send the number of infected person through the roof.

The tournament not being played as scheduled, will cost organizers and the club owners hundreds of millions in dollars.
This figure not coming in will affect the club's and the league's bottom line by the time this "compulsory break" is over.

So far, there are 117 matches canceled and more are in the way to being shifted, postponed or canceled and maybe rescheduled for 2021.

Good idea?

There is still deliberation ongoing as there will be a meeting Thursday by the key Premier League club owners and stakeholders to discuss the various options open to them.

While many think this is a good idea, there is the desire by most of these clubs to finish the season across most of the league.
But the forecast of the quarantine period for the CoronaVirus in the UK is pegged at 8 weeks or more.

With all things being equal and the world rallying round to tame the spread of the virus, we may be seeing some actions soon.

I am sure we will have a healthy laugh over this period soon.

What are your thoughts?
Do you think it is a good idea to move the 2020 competition to 2021?
Can the world survive the coronavirus epidemic?

Always stay safe and do well to get tested and play fair. Staying away from healthy people if you are infected is the best gift you can give the world.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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