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The UK government hold televised Coronavirus updates everyday and now they want to hear your concerns...

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Through their uk.gov/ask link, they have put forward the opportunity for you(The general public) to ask them anything about the Coronavirus. I would like your help in deciding what to ask.

Now, let's not ignore the giant cherry-picking elephant in the room here. I know all too well that the only questions allowed to be aired on live TV will be ones that have zero chance of causing a fuss. Questions such as; "Do we intend to reverse the lockdown decision after the "scientific" model it was based was proven to be massively incorrect in its predictions?" and "How many deaths certificates, which have been attributed to Covid-19, have the words 'presumed' or 'suspected' written on them?". Sadly, questions like these will never be put to Boris Johnson, at least not publicly. Nonetheless, this does not mean we should remain silent on these issues, of which there are many...

So even if it's just to fill up their inbox and make them read the truth, it a task worth doing. Let's put the evidence in front of their eyes, plain as day. Let's ask why we are causing so much collateral damage for the sake of a virus that is harmless to the vast majority and has a mortality rate of just 0.06%.

Questions like these need asking, but more importantly the evidence behind them needs to be pushed under their noses.

If you are from the UK, please submit a question to the website yourself. If you are not a UK resident and would like to join in, please post your question in the comments box along with some evidence that supports your point of view.

To help you uncover some inconvenient truths, I've left some links below containing information that would cause Boris Johnson's bum to twitch faster than a rabbit's nose.

12 experts questioning the Coronavirus pandemic

10 more experts going against the government narrative

Who controls the British Government response to Covid–19? Written by Vanessa Beeley

The Coronavirus Lockdown Regulations Expose a Divided Kingdom. Written by Martin Edwards

Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics. By James Corbett

UK Column

Good luck and I look forward to hearing your questions.

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