Cover a Steemian - An initiative to bring us musicians closer!

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Hello Steemit!

The other day I was talking with my brother @meno about this little idea that I had ( I always ask him for advice when I have a ''crazy thought'' crossing my head ) and this initiative came to me. I thought I wanted to share it with all of you as I think it's a great way to add some more ''human element'' to this platform. It's very simple... but hey.. most of the time .. simple is good!


Cover a Steemian!

This idea originally was inspired to me by @tarotbyfergus who on one of his open mic entries covered fellow musician @basilmarples 's song ''Lost and Waiting'' showing him his love and support for his music and then Basil covered him back! This to me and I guess the whole Open Mic family was a perfect example of what Steemit is all about, growing a community, sharing, having fun and being part of something we believe in! So , thank you guys for that! these were their entries:

Tarot by Fergus - Lost and Waiting ( Basil Marples )

Basil Marples - Pretty Gorgon ( Tarot by Fergus)

See how music can really bring together people? You can see how the mutual support and respect of these awesome guys established a very nice and honest musical friendship and taught us all a great example of what art in general is about :) .

So.. This is what I want to initiate with all the Open Mic family and Steemit Music family in general, it's quite simple and you should understand what this is all about just by reading these rules:

Cover a Steemian Rules:

  • Choose one particular song from a Steemian that you would like to support.
  • Make a post under the #coverasteemian tag, #music should be your second tag.
  • Make the title of the post start with "Cover a Steemian''.
  • Give us a little introduction of why you chose that song and why you want to support that particular Steemian.
  • Transfer ALL SBD earnings to that Steemian!
    music art.jpeg

So.. Why am I starting this initiative?

Well, I know how hard it is for new members to ''find a place'' in this platform, it can be overwhelming and it's easy to get discouraged, I was lucky to be guided very early on by my brother @meno and I found the Open Mic family that later introduced me to the whole music community, then I met the Minnow Support project , the MSP family , the PAL network, and so on! So , luckily, I quickly found my home here in Steemit!

What I want to encourage a little more with this initiative is to bring more of the human element to the music community, take it a little away from ''The SBD race''. Music is about sharing. I'm a professional musician myself and I make a living out of performing but money has never been my main interest .. If that was the case I'd be doing something else... I'm not going to deny that some extra earnings are helpful and most welcome!

I've played many times for little to no compensation BUT when I have gotten that little word of support, an honest hug from someone telling me that my playing touched his emotions I get reminded why I chose this profession and confirms ''I'm doing the right thing''.


So, with the introduction already done.. Here's my ''Cover a Steemian'' submission!

Cover a Steemian - Singing Winds (@afrao0) cover song

So, today I'd like to cover one of my favorite musicians on the Steemit family , @afrao0. His music is just filled with so much emotion and soul and I've been following him since the Open Mic Songwriter's challenge started , his 8 week run was amazing and his song ''Singing Winds'' touched me in a sincere way, I've been listening back to it ever since so I thought I would try to perform it as my way of support to him.

I haven't seen @Afrao0 active in a while and I would not like for him to get discouraged and leave the Open Mic family as I would like to keep hearing more of his music! So, All the SBD this post makes I will transfer to him as a way of showing my admiration and support of his music!

If you like someone's art, be sure to Thank him/her! , It means a world of difference to us when someone appreciates what we do. So, let's just grab our little camera and show them our support through music!

Here's my entry, I hope you like it and I do his song justice!

Singing Winds

(verse 1)
Today I sit
'neath the statue of gold
while the wind blows on the river shore
Watched the sky change shade
From the lightest blue
To the lightest pink

And now, prayer flags are soaring
Now, the cold winds are singing

Everything in rhythm
With the song that's playing
The wind, the flags and the wind
They are swaying

Prayers of hope
Prayers of peace
Will they be heard
Answered will they be...


Ah.. ya.. yaa.. yaai.. he ya.. ah aaa. ee yaaa

This is @Afrao0 himself performing this little gem, if it touched you like it touched me, please make sure you show him your support, he deserves it!


banner by @bembelmaniac

Thanks for reading and listening! Please share and resteem this post, let's spread the word to all our fellow artist friends! Cheers!



With "all the SBD" that means that voting power will remain with the cover version am I right? So just for courtesy purposes, should'nt the person who's song will be covered be asked before doing so?

It might be good practice to do so, we don't know if everyone wants to participate of this of course... I guess the idea would be to send out all the liquid SBD, meaning that if a post makes 5 SBD and 1 SP... the 5 SBD would be sent out to the original author.

Basil and Tarot did just this very thing a few weeks ago.. it was very special to say the least...

Hello @senzenfrenz ! thanks for your input! I would be up for giving 100% percent of the earnings , but since SP takes 13 weeks to power down it would just complicate things too much. If someone feels like sending even extra support I'm 100% supportive of that. With the persmission issue, you have a point and I think it's good courtesy to ask, of course whoever doesn't want to take part is in his right not to do so. In case of our fellow @afrao0, I haven't been able to contact him so this might come as a surprise but I've chatted with him before and I'm sure he would be cool with this little gesture. I'd love to see an entry of yours btw. Cheers :) !

Great initiative!

I will be interesting to see how many people actually adhere to the rule of transferring the SBD! I guess it'll be out in the open for anyone to find out if they don't and they will be frowned upon.

I wish I had a bit more time to join in but I'm falling behind on my own music at the moment.

I will watch with interest though and hopefully I can find some time in the future.

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Thank you for the support @atomcollector! I appreciate it! .. btw , can you find me on discord?? My user there is pechichemena#2313 :) Cheers!

I absolutely love that idea!!! What a great way to connect the community even more!

Wooo ! @Melavie ! I'd LOVE to see an entry of yours ! I'm looking forward to it :)

Fantastic idea! I just finished doing a cover of a fellow steemian @juxtamusic and it will be a perfect fit for this challenge!

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Eclectic indie folk pop musician from Sweden

Hey @jonmagnusson! Thank you ! I'd love to see that cover :) . Thanks for supporting this initiative! means a lot!

Omg! I simply LOVE the idea!! Great gesture !
Many musicians became closer thanks to the songwriter challenge, and thanks to this, many will get even closer!.

I found it so inspirational when @TarotByFergus covered @basilmarples . I didn’t know @basilmarples covered him too! I have to go check that out!

Your cover is beautiful Pechiche, as is the original song!! LOVED then both!!

Thank you for creating this iniciative! I am so joining in!!

Thank you @soykatonline ! for the nice comment and support , yes , both tarot and fergus brought us a special moment! I'm glad you liked this little cover , it is indeed a beautiful song , @afrao0 is a very talented songwriter! Looking forward to seeing you participate :)

Being a new addition to the steemit family, I can't tell you how absolutely refreshing it is that everyone is so supportive of each other here! 2.5 years on YouTube, 2 days here, and the difference I can already tell is just mind blowing!

Happy Trails and many blessings to you and yours!


Hello @ophiel! first of all: welcome to Steemit! I'm so glad you have a very nice impression of this platform and I can tell you , yes.. this is all about sharing and building communities , I hope you find a home here ! Of course you can reach me out or any questions you might have , i'll be happy to help!

Wishing you a good Steemit adventure!


My love and admiration goes to you, depeche, you totally rock and that song is beautiful! :) You did justice!

carluki :) ! thanks .. I hope i see you joining in !

Woaaah ... To come back to steemit and see this happen is really special for me... Thank you @pechichemena...
Also, I am excited to say that I have been working on the songs that came out of me during the competition and working on recording them professionally. That is why I have been off steemit. I cant wait to share them with all of you ...
Much Love and Gratitude.

hello @afrao0 ! so glad to see you back! thought you left steemit for good and would never see my little rendition of your song , and the whole initiative :) ! btw , do you have discord my brother? I'd love to chat with you there. Cheers and thank you for your art!

Nice... :)
Discord ? I am on it ... will look into being on discord asap ...

I got the app ... and i am on it as afrao0 ...
How do we chat ?

hey @afrao0 ! add me as a friend , I'm pechichemena#2313 there .. cheers!

Wonderful initiative. I don't have the instruments or talent to contribute myself, but I'll resteem this to spread the word out to all the musical folk here.

Thank you ! ... but.. your avatar is a turtle... with a sax... this means... everything is a lie?! hahaha ... thank you brother @soulturtle for supporting this initiative! Cheers my friend :)

Haha, as the creator of that avatar you're part of the conspiracy. I wish I could be musical, but have other ways to express my creativity for now. Perhaps someday though I'll pick up an instrument and then it'll all make sense.

This is a great idea. I'm all for supporting and promoting the arts.
Upvoted & following now. I'm a guitarist & recording engineer from San Diego CA now traveling as a digital nomad and making connections globally. Let's UPLIFT each other and the community.

Hey @sourceoftruth! Thank you for the nice comment and your support! It's cool to meet another guitarist :D and engineer ! I'll be following you too! Cheers!

You have a good idea about bringing musicians together, I'm the founder of STEEM MUSIC NIGERIA


Hey @adesojisouljay ! nice to meet you! I'm very glad you like the idea , I hope we can support each other with this little initiative. Cheers!

Yes... Are you on discord?

Let's chat

Great minds think alike. We were talking about the same idea between the judges of Open Mic. I love the idea. Resteemed.

Thank you very much @luzcypher ! I'm glad you are supportive of this little initiative , it means a lot! And thank you very much for the Resteem! Let's see who hops in !

I love everything about this. What a great idea. Can't wait to see what kind of musical interactions it spurs.

Thank you very much @intspekt ! I can't wait to see what musical gems come out of this :D!

What a great idea! I loved when @tarotbyfergus covered @basilmarples and I think vice versa and now you did it too. I would like to cover some artist too, do you think one should approach the artist and ask if it's okay first?

Hello @geenaizzy ! thank you very much for the comment and nice words. I guess that if you are not sure if a particular artist would like to be covered it would be the best idea to drop a little message and ask if they would mind ( I think 90% of times you'll get a ''yes, sure!'' ) but I've known a couple of Steemians that are a little more reserved with their work ( and they are in their right! ) . I guess then , if not sure.. drop a little question and it'll be ok ! Looking forward to your entry :)

Here's is my entry for this week.

I met Roel and listened to his band @SpawnBand's awesome SKA music on a couple of years ago and have loved it ever since.

Roel is an amazing supporter of independent musicians and also runs the @ftlob account with it's associated website "For The Love Of Bands".

I wanted to give this track a folk/punk interpretation so here is my entry:

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Oh man, this is AWESOME Juxta! Thank you so much for covering our song! I think you're the first person ever to cover SPAWN. Like the folk/punk touch to it a lot. Cheers man!

I love this idea, we have covered each others songs withing our weekly songcircle here in Chatham. Really cool to see this take place on Steem. :)

Hey @brendube ! How cool that you have a songwriting circle ! It's a very cool way to grow and support each other's music ! I'd love to see you jumping in on this initiative! Thanks for the kind words!

I may need to, I'd love to get more involved with the music scene of steem :)

I love this! I think it would be very meaning to many artist to have their work covered by our great community.

Hey @gibber ! thank you for the support ! Yes , I think this can be meaningful for a lot of musicians , let's try and make this grow together :) . I'd love to see an entry from you! Cheers!

This is such a great idea. I've had the same idea as well for a contest. I'm glad you actually enacted it it. Props. Looking forward to entry.

Im so glad this is happening! Nice job pechi :D

hey @basilmarples ! thank you so much ( and of course to @tarotbyfergus) for being the inspiration for this whole initiative ! I'd be very happy to see you jump in ( again! ) on covering another steemian fella :D !

Hey, its so cool to see this happening!! Would you like us to post our covers here?

Woooo! First cover a steemian ! Thank you! Well , it wouldn't hurt sharing it here. a tag and a mention will do too but i'll be doing some update posts too. So , any way is welcome. Thank you so much for joining the initiative! It means a lot ! Cheers!

Hey @pechichemena what an awesome initiative 😄 count me in
Just a piece of a advice, you should've gonne 50 / 50 concerning the SBD transfer, it is after all performed by someone ✌ so if we want to support each other let's make fair

Hello @ivan.atman ! thank you , I would be glad to have you join in . The reason why I set the give the 100% reward rule is because the reward is already split 50/50 when you get paid. When you send 100% SBD .. you are keeping 100% the steem power , I don't know if that makes sense :P . Every case is a little different because I've had people declining their sbd pay, sending extra or splitting percentages with the author. The whole point on the initiative is for musicians to support each other . It's a little new so I'm adjusting it as the weeks go by :) . Thank you for your opinion ! Cheers !

Hey @pechichemena yeah I got that part, actually I had a hunch you were aiming at that fact 😉, but I think if this initiative sticks and some people get Curie vote in a future (or high upvote in general) that that person will get only few SP points, but will still have to transfer something like 75 SBD net reward to an author, now I know that author deserves something, but I think that just to be fair 50 / 50 will sit well with everybody, for example I wouldn't accept 100% from anybody if they'd cover my song

Have you thought of making this as a competition, like open mic of steemit covers, that'd super cool and I think it would stick 😄

Ok , you've got some valid points , I'm adjusting on the go . And if this catches and goes bigger i'd love to start contests . Why don't we chat it a little more in discord? I'd like to brainstorm some ideas with you there :) .

This is such a fabulous idea mate!
There’s many great tunes here on Steemit I’d love to reinterpret.
I’m not sure who’d want to cover any of the tunes of mine that I’ve put up nor how they’d go about doing it, but it’d be amazing to hear. That’s for sure.

Looking forward to hearing how people interpret each other’s tunes.

@nathankaye ! mate , I'd love to see you hop on board with this initiative ! I know you would be amazing ! I'll try covering one of yours ;) . It's going to be a challenge ! love your stuff man ! Cheers!

Sweet as bro! That’s amazing!
I won’t be able to jump on this for a few weeks possibly though. I’m not sure I’ll even have time to enter open mic. Busy few weeks ahead.
But I shall try because it’s an awesome initiative!

Here is my entry :-)

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Add dsound & Musicoin tracks and get more plays!

I had to return the honour and cover @juxtamusic

Follow Jon Magnusson on

Eclectic Indie Rock/Folk musician from Sweden

Whaa i really liked both versions of singing winds! and i love the project :) if its still ungoiging ill look for my song to cover!

Hey @timothybusker ! Thank you very much ! and yes , of course.. the project is always open ! so .. I'd be glad to hear your submission ! please tag me @pechichemena , so I can see it and upvote it and resteem it. Cheers :)

nice writing...thanks for.share

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Interesting post

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