Project Update Country Specific Curation: September 5th, 2020

Project Update Country Specific Curation: September 5th, 2020


What are Country Specific Curation Accounts?

The account @shortsegments has created 16 country specific curation accounts and @shortsegments has delegated Steempower to each account. These accounts follow the Country Representatives and upvote the same accounts right after the country representatives Vote. This increases BOTH post rewards for content creators and increases curation rewards for both the country representative and everyone else voting on the post.

What are Country Representatives ?

The accounts @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 have selected Country Representatives to monitor the Diary Game Entries from their countries. These representatives Upvote Content using 1000-5000 SP Delegations from @steemcurator01


The Country Specific Curation Project is designed to provide additional upvotes to new accounts based on their participation in the daily diary game. This provides more author rewards and more curation rewards.

Votes 492 upvotes in one day

@steem-newzealand: 59 votes vote page
@steem-ukraine 27 votes vote page
@steem-italy 6 votes vote page
@steem-srilanka 44 votes vote page
@steem-japan 18 votes link
@steem-indonesia 33 votes vote page
@steem-india 13 votes vote page
@steemxbangladesh 60 votes vote page
@steem-venezuela 45 votes vote page
@steemit-uganda 14 votes vote page
@steemit-nigeria 23 votes
@steemit-ghana 37 votes
@shortsegments-ru 26 votes vote
@shortsegments-pk 37 votes
@shortsegments-kr 45 votes vote page

Support Country Specific Curation

Support Country-Specific Curation by delegating SteemPower to these accounts.

Follow this link to learn how to delegate SteemPower to your country specific curation project, and help make Steemit reward people in your country. LINK

New Country Representatives and New Countries

No new countries to announce.

Current List of Country Representatives

Current List of Country Specific Reward Accounts.


Current method of upvoting the Country Representative Selections is through creation of a curation trail.

First, Country Representatives create a curation trail in your Steemit name listed above, on Steemauto at it takes five minutes.

Second, Leave a comment below after completing this task by for (1) SBD prize.

Third, I will assign a country specific account to follow your votes on diary posts, matching your voting power percentage selected to upvote posts.

Why create a curation trail?

Once you create your curation trail, I will assign your country specific account to automatically upvote the posts which the Country Representative Upvote. The upvotes will follow your voting power percentage. This process speeds up upvote process. This process eliminates one comment step and makes you more efficient because you don’t have to write a comment @shortsegments reward post. This process makes me more efficient because I don’t have to manually find comments and upvote posts. This process increases your curation reward and increases the author reward for the content creator.

New to curation trails? Learn more here.

This picture is the old one, the new one is blue!!


You don’t need to adjust settings much since this isn’t for voting.
I adjusted my mana down a bit because I was close, but you don’t have to, but it will pause all the votes if you drop below the number, so you should give your self a buffer zone.




Mentions, The purpose of mentions is to request support for the project with upvotes or delegations.

If you can provide either it is appreciated.


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