Support Country Specific Curation Accounts, which upvote all posts upvoted by the 14 Country Representatives, increasing post rewards


What are Country Representatives ?

The accounts @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 have selected Country Representatives to monitor the Diary Game Entries from their countries. These representatives Upvote Content using 1000-5000 SP Delegations from @steemcurator01

The country representatives are:

What are Country Specific Curation Accounts

The account @shortsegments has created 14 country specific curation accounts and @shortsegments has delegated 1000 SP to each account.

These accounts follow the Country Representatives and upvote the same accounts right after the country representatives Vote.

This increases BOTH post rewards for content creators and increases curation rewards for both the country representative and everyone else voting on the post.

These are the names of the “Country Specific” Curation Accounts:













Curation Trails must be created by country representatives for the upvotes to happen!

These are created in auto.steem, a voting software, which allows these County-Curation accounts to follow the upvotes of the country representatives named above and upvote the posts they upvote according to the percentage of voting power the country representatives use.

But this only occurs if the Country Representatives create a curation trail in auto.steem.

Right now all of them have created a trail except Three.

Country Representatives can create a curation trail in your Steemit name listed above, at it takes five minutes.


Recruitment Rewards Retention

The Country Specific Curation Project is designed to provide additional upvotes to new accounts based on their participation in the daily diary game.

This provides more author rewards and more curation rewards.

Support Country-Specific Curation by delegating SP to these accounts.


Your delegation allows you to support newcomers in your country and good quality content, but also earns you more curation rewards then you would earn upvoting posts from your account , it’s less then 1000 SP, because the higher your Steem power, the larger your curation rewards. Therefore it’s a WIN WIN Your country creators win by getting bigger author rewards and you win by getting bigger curation rewards!

In order to support your country specific curation account you must delegate Steem power to your Country Specific Account.

How to win for you and your country?

First Powering Up powering up your Steem to Steem Power,
Second Delegating your Steem Power to the account Steem-Staking.

How to delegate SteemPower to your country specific curation account.

Written instructions and then step by step picture instructions

These are written instructions. A step by step picture guide is below

  • [ ] 1. Power up your Steem you wish to send to your country specific account.

  • [ ] 2. Power-up Steem to Steem Power using the drop down menu you see when you click on the Steem word with the triangle next to it..

  • [ ] 3. You power up the amount of Steem you want invest to Steempower, using the wallet drop down menu.

  • [ ] 4. Use steemworld to Delegate the desired amount of your Steem Power to your country specific account.

  • [ ] SEE Picture Guide to Delegation to Steem Power BELOW

  • [ ] 5. Sign into, you do this by typing For example I type @steem-staking

  • [ ] 6. Then once your personal page loads, scroll down to the section called delegation.

  • [ ] 7. Click on the box Delegation

  • [ ] 8. Then a box opens and you find the box labelled who you want to delegate to and type steam-staking.

  • [ ] Be Very Careful as the spellchecker tends to change words like Steem to Steel

  • [ ] 9. Once you type steem- into the who section, fill in the how much section.

  • [ ] 10. Then click okay after selecting a whole number.

  • [ ] 11. A box will open asking for your active key. Steemchiller has built this and he is a top witness, so your keys aren't stored here after you exit.

  • [ ] 12. After adding your active key, check okay and it will complete the delegation operation.

  • [ ] 13. You can now check your Delegations, specifically outgoing Delegations and you should see steem-staking*

Special Alert Make sure it says steem not steel as the spell checker likes to change steem to steel and you will receive no warning. Special Alert

That’s it! Now relax.

Picture Guide to how to delegate, please be sure to substitute your country specific account for Steem-Staking in the example.

  • [ ] 3F7C8BA8-FBD5-487B-8A86-CCFF43F63AB2.jpeg

  • [ ] 48B7C4BD-51EF-4902-B8AD-389703CD9FC7.jpeg

  • [ ] AB0567CA-DE02-4E35-9053-89DFE2E94371.jpeg

  • [ ] 8D93915E-2DEC-4C7B-A7D1-C9CB84A711B4.jpeg

  • [ ] A55F3C2B-E816-42D8-B9D8-C9DD6A93C429.jpeg

  • [ ] CAE95CC4-2C08-49E1-95CA-1263835D3ADB.jpeg

  • [ ] D08838CD-3071-4491-89D2-9D1C398C5512.jpeg

  • [ ] CC523FEE-D9C7-4AF4-9234-BD2B28B3D037.png

  • [ ] 6BA35EED-F95F-45E5-8651-8A63AD0CEFF5.jpeg

  • [ ]

That’s it!

  • [ ] E330EA8C-7C4D-4D40-99E5-DCEC8465F8DC.jpeg

What are Country Specific Curation Accounts and how can you support them?


Muchas gracias por la información no sabía que en Venezuela, teníamos una representante, mariita52, steemit-venezuela, voy a utilizar #Apoye la curación de mi país Venezuela. Está bien explicada, los procedimientos paso a paso y con ilustraciones, muchas gracias feliz día sábado.

Eres muy bienvenido. Estoy feliz de que haya sido útil. Feliz sábado a ti también.

A la orden

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Hi @steemcurator

@steem-indonesia was the first country-curation account I funded.
I funded it with 500 liquid Steem which I powered up to SteemPower. But the vote of 500 SteemPower was so small I gave it a 500 SteemPower delegation to double the size of the vote. I then funded all the other accounts with 1000 SteemPower. I decided to withdrawal the Liquid Steem and increase the Steem delegation, so all the delegations would look the same. I didn’t want people to mistakingly think I discriminated against Steem-Indonesia by only giving them a 500 SteemPower delegation.


Thank you for the clarification.

Your welcome. I could stop the power down if you think it looks bad.

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