Cotton coin- Advancement in cotton industry

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First, i will like to thank and cotton coin for this wonderful contest

Cotton is the most important commodity in the world which exist everywhere in various form i.e clothes ,bad sheets etc but given less value.
In general, agriculture is been look down upon as a result of the so called industrialisation am not saying industrialisatiin is not good but agriculture should not be neglect.
The farmers should be rishest in the world but infact they are the poorest. The benefit in agriculture is uncountable likewise the benefit derived from cotton is numerous apart from clothing

The purpose of this write up is to know how Cotton Coin is able to disrupt and improve the cotton industry around the world by helping both the farmers and their customers

Before going there what is cotton coin technology
Cotton Coin Technologies is a digital solutions provider that aims to alleviate the suffering of farmers and other stakeholders in the cotton industry using blockchain technology. Headquartered in India, the company and The Cotton Coin project is managed by a team of professionals, spearheaded by Jingle Infosolutions Pvt Ltd.

1.Why does the cotton industry need blockchain and how can this industry benefit?

A blockchain is a secure digital ledger that enables companies to transfer assets across the internet with increased speed and reduced interference. The technology can create a unique digital record that verifies, tracks and traces each step of the process, without the need for software.
With blockchain i believe the cotton industry in general will flourish
Farmers welfare will improve
The blockchain is needed to simulate trades since the world is changing in term of technology, the cotton will eventually need blockchain

2.What are some of the problems Cotton Coin are trying to solve? And how do they want to achieve that?

I believe they are trying to improve the trade of cotton by taking cotton industry to a new level.
They are also trying to improve agriculture and they are using blockchain to achieve that

3.How does it improve trust with consumers, retailers and authorities?

They can improve the trust of the consumers,retailers and authorities by been trustworthy.
Trustworthy in terms of quality, quantity,costumer services and so on.

4-What benefits can Cotton Coin bring to the world cotton industry specially the third world countries.

The third world country will bebefit the most from this integration because thet are mainly agriculture based countries
With the cotton coin the third countries will have access to world market in turn will help them develop their economy leading directly or indirectly to economic geowth

5-How the cotton coin can be used to bridge the gap between the buyer and the producer of cotton.
The cotton coin can be use to bridge the gaps between buyers and selker through many platform example steemit is good example with these sites trade can go on with seeing the producer nor the consumer and transaction take place
The bank also can act as an intermediary
On line shopping is another way
6-How can Cotton Coin be used to ensure that the cotton farmers and producers be paid the correct buy price and get paid in a timely manner.
By establishing a form of exchange which include all factor which affect production from the farmer aspect and also from the producers side so as to ensure equality

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While I do feel a sense of trust from the image of the hand wearing a glove and holding a coin, I must ask: Is there a deep significance.


The glove is implying cotton and the coin= cotton coins


My computer does not have the best graphics. I initially thought medical latex glove. Upon a closer look I can see the fibers :)

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Headquartered in India, the company and The Cotton Coin project is managed by a team of professionals, spearheaded by Jingle Infosolutions Pvt Ltd

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very well said @beautifulklare

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Hi mate, i entered the competition as well and was going through the entries one by one. You have done an excellent job of reviewing the project and it was definitely worth reading. Great post and good luck to you.


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Worth reading

This is very impressive. You've said it all. Cotton Coin will actually advance the Cotton Industry. I wish you success.

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