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Hi guys welcome all 🙏🙏. So it is my 3rd contest entry. But I will definitely give my truth review on cotton coin so that you don't think that I'm just posting it for winning the contest:).

So I visit on the official website of cotton coin

And the reason behind they made this coin is very important nowadays. basically this coin is made to help cotton farmers as we know farmers are given less priorities in all around the world. As the days,years and months are passing the farmers population is reducing too. Most of the people think that farmers work is easy anybody can do but my friends farmer duty is the most difficulty duty in the world.

This project has something different than others, this project really claims to help needy people like farmers:). But now what is your question what will be our profit?

Let me give an example to you:
See I want to tell you no cryptocurrency become famous is one day not bitcoin and not Steem also. I know, the journey of cotton coin will be tough as their are lots of cryptocurrency but it is not difficult.

See obviously the launch price& presale price of the coin will be definitely less, so if we buy atleast 50 coin at the price of 0.1$ so in the coming months or in a year the price of cotton coin hit 1$ then you get profited with 500$ and if you Hodl for more time then I can guarantee you it can hit 10$ too.

See the project is different than others, it will definitely get an eye of whales and big traders when it will be launched. Whales will definitely take entries in large amount of btc in the coin because everyone wants to do good-looking for society and the cotton coins provides that opportunity to in the cryptocurrency only. When whales will buy this in large quantities than definitely the price of it will get increased too.

We have many trustful people involved in this project like @crypto.piotr who involved in this project, we have Shiv Kumar too who is from india.

If you can invest in large amounts in the coin than definitely go for it. As it will give you huge profits in the future and will help to cotton farmers too:)

I would like to give additional information too so that you can research on it too. Below there are everything including white paper so just have a look on the below links too

Note: it is not a financial advise and everyone should make their own research before investing.

Have a great day and wonderful night 😊😊

And please consider this as a contest entry



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Your earnest contributions amazes me. The facts you stated about crypto currency as to how they could be nothing for now but get better in time are noted. You as well hinted that the project is being driven towards encouraging farmers and ameliorate any form of financial plights they know. Your efforts are duly appreciated. Much love, I say thanks for participating.


Yeah I thanks you too for participating in the contest

Congratulations, I learned a lot from your post ...

Certainly, Cotton Coin is about empowering small enterprises.


Yeah I know, I'm just predicting

Dear @freecrypto

That was a long week and I definitely did not expect this contest to become so popular. I expected 15-20 reviews about Cotton Coin but ended up with almost 60 entries. Crazy but positive :)

Let me already express how personally grateful I am for your support. This has been my first sponsored contest and I can safely say that I have already gained and learned so much of valuable knowledge from it.

Regardless if you will be one of the awarded winners or not - I want you to know that I will do my best to check your profile every few days and support all quality content related to blockchain, AI, human psychology or crypto (as those are my main topic of passion).

I have almost 60 reviews to go through and I want to personally read each one. It might take me some time but I will definitely reply to any of your comments.

Also: Im looking for few judges who would help me select some of the best reviews submitted. Please visit my latest post (contest update) for more details.

Obviously upvoted :)

All the best, Piotr


Yes, I know I too didn't expect this much entries, I thought about maximum 25 entries but the result seems to be different from what I thought.

As everybody wants to be in the winners list, if I can't be one of them then too I will have no regrets because I know that I had done my best for the contest , I know that I'm the first who made a first entry in this contest, I know the contest starts with me, I feel proud too that I made a first entry for this contest now it's upto judges what they decide.

Yeah I would be very thankful for you if you select me as a judges, please reply me that as a judge what task I have to do

Have a great day and wonderful night 😊 @crypto.piotr


Indeed you were first one to go @freecrypto :)

the bravest one :)



Very simple and straight to the point, I love your review man. Good luck!


Very simple and
Straight to the point, I love your
Review man. Good luck!

                 - ajongcrypto

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Thank you:),


Anytime! @freecrypto

Good morning @freecrypto

Thank you for your review.

Just a small advise. Since you suggested investing "large amounts" of funds into this project, then perhaps you should also underline that it is not a financial advise and everyone should make their own research before investing.

From my experience it's best to add those few sentences whenever you decide to share your investing tips.

Thx for your time and effort buddy :)



Okay I had added that few points which you had said


Im glad to hear that you found my advices valuable @freecrypto

Yours, Piotr



Great review about cottoncoin, its sure gonna sell well. Goodluck with the contest.

Nice write up @freecrypto. You've nailed the propose topic as people should keep investing on Cotton Coin to make it famous just like Bitcoins. Thanks for sharing this lovely post 💗🙌


I wrotbut not better than you:)


Lols... I guess I am still learning from bosses like u💗😁🙌

great review, wishing you the best of luck

We would like to confirm that your entry has been submited.

Good luck @freecrypto. Followed and upvoted.

Best regards, Cotton Coin Team
Cotton Coin


Thank you for considering it as a entry:)


Greetings @freecrypto


Just a small update.

Results will be announced on saturday 14/07/2018 (instead of 07/07/2018). This contest turned out to be a huge success and it may take us more than a week to read all reviews.

You can find more details visiting @crypto.piotr profile and checking out his latest post:

Best regards, Cotton Coin Team
Cotton Coin


Yeah I know that updates that you had done in contest I read the @crypto.piotr latest post related with contest. I'm eagerly waiting for the winners list:) @cotton.coin

Thank you for participation again and again
On behalf of @cotton.coin I wish you luck in your quest for the prize.