I trust Cotton Coin would save lives in the Cotton Industry

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When I look at this picture from the [Cotton coin](https://cottonco.in) site my memory drifts back to 1995 when they were reports in the newspapers and the media about the poor working conditions of the Cotton farmers little has changed ever since. Over 300000 farmers have committed suicide due to the hardships faced.

The fate of the farmer always hangs in balance. Often the crops are poor due to a number of reasons. Choice of seeds, wrong sowing time, poor rains, inclement weather due to climate change etc.
So he gets little money for his produce.
However even when his produce is good there is abundant cotton everywhere as a result the cotton prices drop and there are no takers for his cotton.
In either condition he suffers.
A major reason to blame for his condition is the cotton industry which has neither structure nor transparency. As a result the industry lacks free flow of information.
Even the governments want to help the farmers and industry but little help is getting delivered to the farmers as there are middlemen who never let the benefits reach the farmers.
This is where Cotton Coin Comes in.
It is a blockchain based project. The blockchain would give a structure to the industry and let the information flow freely.
The Cotton Coin project has 3 distinct features
3 features.jpg

a) Instant Payment System
The Cotton Coin token can be used as a mode of payment and be used as a way to deliver payments instantly and bypass the corrupt individuals blocking payments to the rightful people.

b) Versatile Traceability System

Versatile T.jpg

A versatile track-able system would help create a system where information can flow in a structured manner and the flow and movement of goods can be validated and traced and tracked.
In this way both confidence and trust can be build in the system and between various interacting parties.
c) Industry Management Tool


As for those working in the Cotton Industry in various roles a B2B dApp would give them a simple to use mobile interface to track the movements of cotton supplies and validate the receiving of supplies at each stem from the farmer right up to the consumer.

The governments can use the data to formulate policies and ensure the benefits reach the farmers.
To help involve the end user there would be a B2C app that the consumers can use to track the quality and the details of the cotton product that the consumer is purchasing.

kea features.jpg

For more information please refer to the following links
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@cotton.coin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CottonCoin?s=03
discord: https://discord.gg/MMFPctU

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Nice work
Make your link a bit neater and attractive
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A producer’s plight must be the concern of a consumer. It represents things to come. Manifestation may be different but problems in the supply chain ripples.

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Yeah, thanks too!

Hi there, thank you for entering the Cotton Coin contest. I am helping Piotr review some of the posts. I have reviewed yours and I think that it's a good post; you have good content, you present good background and information on crypto as well as solutions that can be offered by adoption of crypto. I would just format your sentences differently, they are jumbled in the beginning and it isn't visually appealing but otherwise it looks good!

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Thanks for your comments.
Would take your advice for my next posts. I think I felt very emotional writing the post because of what is happening to the farmers.

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brief and straight to the point, this is a great review about cotton coin @chillpill.

Yes it is a pressing issue and thats why I chose this way of writing

Lovely write up! I have learnt alot from your write up about Cotton Coin. This is very impressive. I wish you success in the contest.

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Thanks for the encouraging words. They mean a lot I wish you success too.
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"Hope you didn't abandon Steemit completly."
Na not a chance. Just that ones responsibilities in the real world can keep us busy at times. This was one such instance.
Thanks a lot for reading my post. It was a difficult topic because there are so many lives involved. If crypto can save lives then it would be wonderful.