The patterns of existence

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The essence of reality

At all times, people have asked themselves the question, what is the reality? Many people are not interested in this fundamental questions. No matter, however, as soon as you start to deal with such questions, you realize that it can be exciting. For me, such questions are more exciting than a crime movie.

There are as many theories as there are people. From the big bang theory, which, as the name suggests, is a theory, to the idea that our BEING is a kind of computer reality is represented almost everything. The big bang theory cannot be proved with the best will.

It is interesting to know that the big bang theory was invented by a Jesuit. When I use the word "invented" here, this word says exactly what the big bang theory is: the invention of the human mind.

I myself suspect a satanic intention behind this invention. Consider, if the universe is to be as it emerges from the Big Bang theory, then humans, including their beautiful blue earth, are a tiny grain of sand in a gigantic universe. Humanity is truly degraded to "nothing" in a mega big cosmos.

I have been dealing with fractals for decades and based on it with digital art. In my imagination, our BEING could be impermeated with similar patterns and mathematically determined (at least the spatial aspects).

Below you can see an animation. I use a very well-known and simple Mandelbrot fractal here.

X and Y stand for the coordinates of the pixel whose color is currently being calculated. Xn + 1 and Yn + 1 are the new coordinates that are calculated. Xn and Yn are the coordinates that you got in the previous calculation. The initial values (X0 and Y0) for the first calculation are 0 in each case.

If you consider the coordinate system as a complex plane, with the real numbers in the X direction and the imaginary numbers in the Y direction, the following formula applies in simplified form:

Zn + 1 = Zn² + C

Here, C stands for the pixel whose color is calculated, and Z for the other points that are used for the calculation.

This type of object is "scale invariant", i.e. without specifying a scale, it is not clear which level of detail you are on. This means that an object cannot be assigned a size specification.

Since these objects can also not be described by simple geometry, they often have “broken” dimensions, which is the second property of fractals.

Both properties also apply to stock price time series, contrary to what is assumed in classical capital market theory.

In my animation we find a lot of information, which are based in various theories. At the beginning we see a singularity. Then we see an expanding space.

If we zoom into the fractal and assume that the physical dimensions include more than the knownones, then in this example our physical reality would be on the surface of the main geometric bodies.

I could imagine that our reality consists of such space bubbles. Each bubble is filled with physical probabilities. These collapse when a consciousness has made a conscious or unconscious decision.
Thus, in this example, the BEING consists of probabilities and consciousness. Consciousness can be poorly visualized here, because it ultimately involves an unpredictable decision.

Here comes my visualization of the physical space based on the fractal geometry.

As you can see, there is a limit to which I can zoom in. Ok, in this example that may be due to the resolution of my monitor.
I think the variations in the possibilities may be gigantic, but not infinite. There is a natural maximum limit to everything. In mathematics, 1 can always be added. If it were the same in the nature of BEING, then we would live in an infinity. Every question of meaning would then be wasted energy.

If being is infinite in its depth, then it is clear to me that our existence is digital, probably even then only virtually digital.

You can look at the most complex structure, if you had the space to step back far enough, you could see the patterns in everything.

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