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RE: The flu renamed every two years is still the flu

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I think the take away from all this is to see the social engineering in real time and to minimize our exposure to the insanity. I love the fact that folks are doing research and questioning the corporate-owned media's narrative.

Once the dust settles, it will be interesting to see the damage control as everyone talks about how their communities weren't effected and no one in good health died.


I hope that happens but the more I read about the 1976 swine flu scam the more I go and look at memes...


I think I am more concerned about socialism and the fact that many are happy to give away their powers for a little bit of comfort or at least perceived comfort. Are you writing an essay on the 1976 swine flu scam? I hope so, I would love to learn more. I think I am going to do some research on Stalin. Everyone always focuses on Hitler but I think Stalin was far more sinister.

And yes, the corporate-owned media gets its marching orders from the oligarchy. Human behavior has been studied for a long time for a reason.

I've put 76 swine flu on my list of posts to do, but our sales have gone nuts this week so no posts for me at the moment


It's when you aren't allowed to question the narrative that should be the biggest sign that something is amiss.

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