Decentralization & The Power Of A THOUGHT-Contagion...

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Unprecedented times, we're in the midst of...

And while mainstream media propaganda has convinced billions we're in the midst of a contagion... well, remember "weapons of mass destruction."

By now, I'll assume you've probably seen enough alternative perspectives to know that the media's narrative may not be a 100% accurate representation of the full facts on the matter. I'll assume you're smart enough to know that mainstream media has repeatedly been used as a political tool to ignite fear in populations, distorting objective facts for self-serving ends.

Remember the whole dramatic mess of corruptable centralized systems the decentralization movement was supposed to be an improvement upon/beyond? Yep. Welcome to yet another product of it.

That given... let's consider:

This whole CV fiasco is not as much of an objective scenario as it's been made out to be, but far more one of a thought-contagion.


Look at the whole 'toilet paper' phenomena...


That's the power of a thought-contagion.

If we were told society were going to shut down, how many of us would truly be thinking among our first thoughts, "oh my God, I better go fucking nuts to get toilet paper?" Probably not that many. But when the average joe easily influenced by mainstream media sees this scarcity phenomena on TV... well, I guess it's time to join since there's proof right there it's important.

Or..."social distancing." That one caught on quick, didn't it. Two simple words. A mantra that reshaped a society's way of relating to one another with a day?

Granted, this is all certainly nothing to totally brush off.

Yet, I can't help but laughing, realizing that I may have inadvertently apocalypse-proofed my parents & I by holding onto the bidet bought for my wife...

Jokes and critiques of mass sillyness aside...

I've been watching a reasonable amount of alternative perspectives on where we're at with this in the broader context of consciousness evolution, and came across a fascinating concept mirrored from two very different types of sources that is highly worthy of consideration:

We each are sitting in the midst of great opportunity right now.

Not to profit or win followers or any of that shit.

But to create our own thought contagions.

To exert an influence upon the minds & hearts of those we share the world with, in these times when it may be needed most.

There's alot of people sitting at home on various social media platforms searching for stuff they never have before. We've got extra time on our hands, our eyes & ears are open, and we're hungry for knowledge to make sense of all this madness.

Just as the whole TP and "social distancing" things caught on like wildfire, who's to say you do not have something to share which could take on a whole viral nature of its own.

People tend to overlook: the most powerful viruses are not biological, they are ideological.

While mainstream media is likely to continue propagating fear-based bullshit, we each have within our hands the means to reach just as many people with ideas, insights, knowledge, and wisdom of our own that is the antidote to the fear many are in the grips of right now.

And if we're not using these tools, stepping up into responsibility for using them constructively to counter the attacks of ignorance upon human minds by launching our own fragments of light into the collective consciousness... well, it'd be hypocritical to complain when things go to shit, having not exercised what small forms of leadership we could while it's needed most.

Were you one who believed in @theycallmedan's whole #decentralizesteem movement?

Here's the test.

Was the whole #decentralization thing just a means to intellectual masterbation within the digital borders of this small playground, or change the world?

Was our intention here on Steemit to gratify ourselves in a private circle-jerk club, or use the platform for collaborating in a larger global movement?

Decentralization was not merely a philosophy to indulge in for kicks. It is one needed to redirect the world onto a better course.

We've witnessed the destructive effects of centralized institutions leading the collective into insane downward spirals - mainstream media outlets included. Here & now, we sit in the position here on Steem to write & speak uncensorsed.

We have the opportunity to opt-out of the "official" narrative being sold to the world of how we're supposed to think and act, instead determining for ourselves what is worthy of thinking - and sharing that freely within the domain of our sovereign space, able to exert influence and reap/collect our own resources in proportion to the value delivered to this community.

And of course, what influence we exert here may ripple out much further.

After all, that's what viral contagions do.

And here, it may be helpful to discard any connotations of viral" to be a negative thing... reframing it as an objective phenomena which may bring just as much good.

Certainly, the thought-contagions we may collectively (in this decentralization movement) intend to spark may have their own destructivity - to old-world paradigms and cultural programming propagated by the dying control systems. Which serves our evolution.

There are viral thought-influences that drive people into fear, consumerism, and seclusion. And then there are viral thought-influence that may lead our species to higher levels of consciousness, organization, and sustainable, synergistic harmony.

It should be obvious by now that centralized institutions have played to the former.

And the ideal of decentralization, the latter.

Let us seize this opportunity.

May we leverage the conditions of this timing to advantage for diligently & deliberately setting forth the thoughtforms into our collective that may turn into a contagion of their own, breaking down the bullshit of the old world and putting in its place, a higher consciousness with vision of a world that works for all of us - true to the philosophies of decentralization that inspired us in the first place.

The launch of Hive may be a step in the right direction of truly decentralizating Steem... now what are we gonna do with it?

As our community has taken such bold action in forking off to build upon its principles and step into a higher evolution of decentralization, how may we continue to fuel this momentum via harnessing the potentials of such a platform to propagate & build upon yet more ideals & concepts of systems that shall serve humanity better moving forward in these transitions out of the old, corrupted, centralized structures?


To wrap up...

I share here what's been most likely the highest-vibe outlook on the current state of CV affairs encountered yet.

It may not be everyone's cup of tea. But for those in resonance... 👌

Should you be open taking in some profoundly enlightening insights on the larger picture of where we're at in our collective evolution and how the current chaos in the world is serving it, I'd highly recommend giving this at least 5-10 minutes, as it's undoubtedly amazing. 🙏

If not, that's cool too.

Not your cup of tea? All good.

And of course, should this whole call-to-action interfere with your Netflix-and-chilling, feel free to sit back and feed upon the viruses propagated through the media outlets brought to you by the corrupt psychopath politicians driving the fate of humanity into the ground.

Consume or influence.

Your choice.



I loved this publication (applause for you, @rok-sivante). I subscribe to each of the ideas you present here. First: I must tell you that I like it when you use irony in your texts, the biting tone, which says a lot in so few words. It is a skill of the few. The other thing is that I have long believed in the need to make "thinking", "using one's brain", fashionable. In these times it is more comfortable for us to believe without reflection, without questioning anything. We digest information hungrily, as if speed and quantity were above quality and truthfulness. I am going back to my country (excuse me for always falling here, but it is from the country that I can speak with evidence). In Venezuela there are newspapers, TV channels, internet pages, which work as information laboratories. This is not a new strategy, not even from one "side". For example, here fear is a rabid animal that walks the streets and makes us doubt ourselves (1984). Oh, and as for Steemit, well today is the day. Today Hive is born. A hug and thank you very much, my friend.

As our community has taken such bold action in forking off to build upon its principles...

Whose community, @rok-sivante? Hive is not a community but a Clique. The same mind set that brought the world crippling US sanctions is at work behind Hive in my opinion.

The following were banned for seeking a compromise...

Fuck Hive and its false narratives.

The large Korean block supported both sides in an attempt to seek compromise. Forgiveness my arse. Fuck Dan and the white horse he rode in on.

I've actually started to get a little nervous about the whole HIVE thing based on some of the activity that has been happening with STEEM over the past couple of days. The whole pump is a bit disheartening. I am afraid that there are going to be a lot of people just pumping and dumping or even worse, Sun is trying to buy a big enough stake that he can have some influence on the new chain. Hopefully that isn't the case, but it seems with all good things, there is someone bad who wants to disrupt them.

I was interested to see how much of a drop in Steem price there’d be this morning after the Hive snapshot...

Surely, there was. However, looking at most other coins, they also went through a drop too. Not as much as Steem, but it doesn’t appear Steem’s price movement was isolated from the larger markets.

I was thinking of offloading a bit, hoping to get at the higher prices. Not totally sure now, seeing it held up better than expected.

I don’t feel there’s anything to be nervous about. I’m pretty sure enough was learned from round 1 with Sun the measures are in place it couldn’t happen again. Even if he tried, he oughta have at least a fragment of common sense to know it’d make him look 100x worse, and I think we can trust in his self-interest towards his public image enough to assume he wouldn’t go that far to tarnish is further... haha!

UPDATE: looks like all the major exchanges have disabled Steem deposits... so perhaps that is a factor on why price hasn't moved more. :-/

You could be right. I think there is still a very large Chinese and Korean population that supports Sun. Plus I think there are some other parties who will milk any platform they can as much as they can. This will probably help Steem maintain a decent price over the short term. I hope so as I recently started powering down for the first time ever. Are you going to see stick with Steem or start posting on hive?

I'll be posting on both.

think I'll do the same as you. ;)

Not a great surprise, @bozz. JS can pump and dump until his prick turns blue. Hive is doomed as is DPoS governance at this point of time. My accounts are powering down on both STEEM and HIVE.

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 12.10.24 PM.png


but this sure is...

this is a long one, but a good one released a couple days ago with a thorough overview of the latest:

IF you feel called to watch, you won't miss too much skipping the first hour...

Thank you and Kind regards!

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