Sympathy to those who have lost their livelihood.

in #coronavirus2 years ago


A lot of people seem appalled by the lack of sympathy towards people who've been locked out from their workplace, and protesting about wanting to go back to work.

I haven't seen those people protesting. The protesters I've seen are people driving $40,000 trucks and demanding the right to buy fertilizer and get their hair done. In other words, they're demanding that other people go back to work, not themselves.

I'm entirely sympathetic to people who've lost their livelihood as a result of this, but two thoughts:

  1. The rightwing protesters would be putting these people front and center if they made up the bulk of the protest movement, and yet it's still a bunch of white boomers on fixed incomes ranting about not being able to go to the hardware store and karens screaming about not being able to go to the nail salon, and

  2. The people on the left who are calling for $2,000 a month grants and suspensions of rent are plainly sympathizing with those people while the right wing obstructs those proposals, so what gives?

NOBODY in their right mind is going to buy the idea that it's Fox News and the Daily Wire that really sympathize with the working poor they're trying to force back to work while AOC and Ilhan Omar aren't sympathetic enough while trying to get them paid and have their expenses suspended.

tl;dr: transparent concern-trolling from the far right about the plight of locked out workers is transparent.


As soon as restrictions are lifted you have to go back or are no longer eligible for benefits. I should have the right to not go back until I think it's safe i don't give a flying fuck if it ruins karen's hair

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