Who takes the Coronavirus seriously?

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People who take the COVID-19 threat seriously:
  1. Scientific and medical experts

  2. Anyone who actually cares about facts and empirical evidence, and listens to what scientific and medical experts have to say

People who don't take the COVID-19 threat seriously:
  1. Crony corporate elites who want to force businesses to stay open, by government fiat if necessary, because who cares about the spread of a global pandemic as long as profit margins stay up?

  2. Religious extremists who insist on having large church/synagogue/mosque gatherings, because they believe the virus is a divine punishment and they're certain that God will protect them

  3. Political extremists who don't believe the virus is a big deal because they can't imagine their Glorious Leader Trump (or his foreign equivalents) ever being wrong

  4. Skeptics and conspiracy theorists who don't believe the virus is a big deal because they can't imagine the Mainstream Media ever being right

  5. Anti-vaxxer quacks who don't believe the virus is real at all, because apparently germ theory is wrong and the real problem is 5G signals and GMOs and toxins

  6. New age woo-peddlers who are certain that the virus can be easily cured by this one simple trick for just $19.99, so get your colloidal silver and herbal teas and garlic and seamoss now, before supplies run out!

  7. Entitled middle-aged suburbanites who think going a few weeks without a haircut and a trip to Applebee's is worse than getting a severe, debilitating, potentially fatal disease that can leave survivors disabled for life

  8. Entitled twenty-something dudebro/basic bitch hipsters who don't care about the pandemic because c'mon man, it's not like young people are at risk anyway, and who cares about the boomers? Now let's hit up that beach party cause it's SPRING BREAK, WOOOOOOOOO

  9. Hyper-contrarian anarchists and libertarians who are normally too busy on the internet to go out and spend time with real people, but suddenly feel compelled to have large gatherings now that it's prohibited because "fuck you I won't do what you tell me"

People who take the COVID-19 threat too seriously:
  1. President Rodrigo Duterte

Wow this post is so unbiased and will definitely change someone's mind about the subject. It certainly isn't some condescending rant being perpetrated by a toolbag that thinks the real problem is the world is just simply full of morons.

Here's a point of view you may not have heard yet: the world would be better off if even 1 billion people died. Fuck it! Make that 3 billion. Humanity is a cancer on Mother Earth, and we are extremely unimportant specs of bacteria that could get smited back to the void at any time,

How's that for an opinion on this topic?
You hear that one yet?

Funny how this comment, despite all the rudeness and morbidity, is still more constructive than the garbage posted above. This post you've written says more about you than anything else. Although I did kind of enjoy the mean spirited tone and self-righteous identification of so many dipshit factions.

"the world would be better off if even 1 billion people died"

Start with yourself here is some help


Much appreciated!
I was never in the Scouts.

Keep blind raging out and ignoring all the facts.
It suits you.

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