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Much of the attention is focused on the Corona virus and its spread. A recent tweet showed a pleading nurse mentioning that the virus had mutated. This is setting a narrative that spares some heat to the local virus lab situated near the marketplace where it was first reported. The story goes that it was smuggled over there from a Canadian lab by a Chinese couple, with a few Americans having something to do with it. While the virus is very real, this whole thing was set up to happen by the elites. Grab your tinfoil hat and grab a seat: we're in for a ride.

There is an economic depression. Its cause is in the credit cycle and fractional reserve banking system. It causes cycles with ups and downs. Overall it was able to deliver growth to the stock market that would not have been possible had the US Dollar remained under the gold standard. By getting rid of it and allowing the Fed to print freely, banks were able to finance more projects and generate more growth. That's a good thing. But like every chocolate lover will know, too much of a good thing will inevitably lead to disastrous consequences. Overdoing the money printing leads to inflation, something that was thought of when Nixon declared the end of the gold standard: he mentioned something that received less attention, wage controls. The fed could print without causing inflation because the money was never meant to make it into the wages. That's why it worked for decades.

But even then, print all you want, the earth is finite. Infinite growth on a finite planet can't be a reality if all you do is invest in financial engineering. Boeing reportedly fired over a thousand engineers over the last decades with the results we all know of. GE was literally hollowed out through share buybacks as well. What's left is no longer capable of generating the kind of return that the market wants. As it was more profitable to hollow out businesses than invest in actual R&D we're now living in a hollowed out economy.

An acquaintance recently returned from New York and told me about the social disaster in there. People sleeping on the streets, with everything that goes with it. What I'm saying is that the credit cycle reached an end. Fico announced that they were bumping up credit scores lately, some even lobbied for ninja mortgages - aka lending to applicants with no income no job/asset. We're in for a depression that the Fed tried masking to the stock market. German car manufacturers already fired thousands since late fall. The real trigger was the repo event in September. A major bank needed liquidity, a "one-time thing" just announced to be prolonged until "at least into the second quarter of 2020".

So now stocks are highly over-valued, the equities that are supposed to be propping it up are mostly hollowed-out, so there's a double-whammy waiting to happen on the market. Now you don't want people to start blaming central bankers for losing their jobs and having their lives turned into hell or worse. So what do you do? Justify the crash with something else. Once in a lifetime. A good old pandemic that will be used to justify shutting down global trade between America and China, cutting the blocs into two separate economic areas and most importantly, two separate internet areas. The Chinese and Russian central banks accumulated gold hand over fist over the last decades and positioned themselves to be in shape when global markets crash. Something the US could not do because central bankers and the elite were busy hollowing out the economy because it got them richer. The pandemic is meant to restrict movement so they can keep doing it longer, thanks to your good work.

Intercontinental flights for example, will most likely be severely restricted. But that will be a temporary thing right? Right? Like the Patriot Act that was meant to fight the terrorists after 911 was temporary. The thing that gave the NSA the right to spy on everyone, remember? Well... it still remains in effect. The goal was never to fight terrorism but to lay the groundwork for population control. Most terror groups were actually funded and trained by Western nations (US/UK & Saudis/Qatar). But if they actually funded terrorism and passed a temporary law giving them the justification to spy on everyone... and that still is in effect... and people are no longer to leave... then what do you have? Well, people are pushed to live into cities because medical services are being shut down in countryside areas, as reported on Fox 2 years ago:

The result is a concentrated population surrounded by or living in poverty, highly monitored, with a soon to be limited ability to leave. This is how, in essence, central banks slowly turned cities into what looks more and more like concentration camps.

Richard Werner, a German economics teacher in the UK, suggested the idea that rampant poverty will be mitigated by universal welfare. Money to be printed and handed out to everyone. The catch? The chip. A small chip the size of a grain of rice put into your hand, between the index and the thumb. You can watch his presentation on youtube, published under "Today’s Source of Money Creation".

Note that a control over individual spending at the transaction level provides a more efficient inflation control than wage limitations.

In conclusion, the Corona virus event serves a very practical purpose in providing an official narrative required for an increased consolidation of power among the few, similarly to the 9/11 crisis. From the moral high ground of ensuring public safety, they will put into place movement restrictions said to be temporary and drastic. Change is brought by a crisis and implemented through a process called normalization. What that means is when the virus is cleared and thousands have died, restrictions on free movement will remain, in a somewhat less drastic way than during the crisis, but they will be permanent. So next time you hear Greta warning about an extinction event, you'll know she's simply there to set the tune for the ride.

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You're right that they use things like this like they did with 9/11 like you said. The powers that be try to create problems and then they try to come in with alleged solutions. In other words, they try, for centuries or longer in some cases, to get us to give up freedoms for fake original oatmeal, I mean fake safety, security, protection, which in fact becomes virtual slavery, financial imprisonment, 1984 control, etc. They use fear to try their best to conquer and defeat as many people worldwide as they can. They use things that are fake and other things that are real. They always try to force us to get bad vaccines, etc. We always gotta to offer alternatives to their alleged solutions. We have natural remedies that can help people fight viruses, etc.

Thanks. Although with the death toll I decided to take the pictures away.

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