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RE: Mr. Bones started the ride thanks to Corona

in #coronavirus2 years ago

You're right that they use things like this like they did with 9/11 like you said. The powers that be try to create problems and then they try to come in with alleged solutions. In other words, they try, for centuries or longer in some cases, to get us to give up freedoms for fake original oatmeal, I mean fake safety, security, protection, which in fact becomes virtual slavery, financial imprisonment, 1984 control, etc. They use fear to try their best to conquer and defeat as many people worldwide as they can. They use things that are fake and other things that are real. They always try to force us to get bad vaccines, etc. We always gotta to offer alternatives to their alleged solutions. We have natural remedies that can help people fight viruses, etc.


Thanks. Although with the death toll I decided to take the pictures away.