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RE: Corona Virus and Toilet Paper?

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Hello my friend! :D

There is a lot of misinformation out there and everyone has an opinion that they feel is based on "facts" that they've heard. Unfortunately a lot of the information is false or half-truths and the rest is just shock and awe reporting and not just from journalists.

I know that we've supposedly only had 1 death here in Canada so far, unfortunately I'm also positive that that number will climb much higher in the coming weeks/months. Unfortunately those that didn't bother to prepare at all, no extra cans of food, no alternate power source, etc... are the ones that call those of us that try to store a bit extra for these types of things crazy, but those same people are going to come looking for some of your extras once they're out of their own.

I hope you make it home safe and sound, even if it's a bit later than anticipated, it's better than possibly being/getting infected and bringing it home to your loved ones. :D Of course, everything in my reply is my personal opinion. :D

God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D


So true! I am all for being prepared. Out of wisdom not out of fear. God bless you dear sister.

Exactly. :D If you prepare, even a little, you don't need to fear and panic, though I expect were all going to worry for a while. :D

I've made peace with God and know He's with me so I'm ready if it comes to be my time to die, I look forward to the pain relief. :D

God bless. :D