What do you do against Coronavirus? / コロナウィルス対策、なにをしますか?

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Coronavirus also spread in Europe. I was wondering what can I do for me and my family. What I can do is to ...

  • wash my hands and mouth/throat well and encourage my family to do so.
  • sleep well
  • keep our home clean, invite fresh air time by time, wash laundry frequently
  • drink warm drink such as tea frequently
  • cook and eat nourishing meals
  • avoid crowded places

That's pretty much it. Most of them I do already to avoid flu in autumn and winter. A bit more warm drink, mouth wash, and use of hand sanitizer outside. Do you have any other idea?

In all over Italy people are asked to stay at home. I wonder it will be the same in Germany. In case of these situation, I'll buy some more soil and yarn to spend good time at home. I guess not so many people rush to these ;)


  • 手洗い・うがい
  • よく寝る
  • いつもより念入りに掃除、換気、洗濯をする
  • 温かいものを頻繁に飲む
  • バランスのよい食事を作って食べる
  • 人混みを避ける


イタリアでは全土で不要不急の外出指令が出ています。ドイツにもそんな日が来るのでしょうか。もしそうなった時に家で時間を過ごせるように土を買ってきました。200個くらいあるのではという苗を移植するためです www あと毛糸を子どものお迎えがてら買ってきます。これらは売り切れるものじゃないしちょっと買っておいてもよいでしょう。

そうそう、たしか仮想通貨界隈で有名な平野淳也さんがたしか『一流の人はなぜ風邪をひかないのか?――MBA医師が教える本当に正しい予防と対策33』という本についてツイートしていて、読みました。ウィルス対策について改めて考える良書です。コロナウィルス対策の参考にもなるのではないでしょうか :) (私のAmazonのアフィリエイトリンクです。ここから買ってもらえるとたくさん本を読めてうれしいです!)


These are all things that people should try to do always! They are great things that if you aren't already doing in your life, you should start doing! I think the biggest one is if you are feeling sick do not go into crowded places and help spread it! I've seen this so much lately and it is very upsetting that people are not aware that they are hurting others! Come on now!

That's right. This is a good point. As I didn't catch cold so far this season, I missed it on the list. Staying at home when we feel sick is not only for the person but also for the other people.

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