An Entry for 'Easy Mini Drawing Contest #2: CORN'

in #corn-art6 years ago

This is my entry for Easy Mini Drawing Contest #2: CORN, hosted by @jacinta.sevilla.

The challenge is to draw Corn in anyway you like. In my entry, I made a mashup of corn and whale, a Cornwhale :D
Link to the contest post:

I used Photoshop and a pen tablet.
And here's some WIP pics:


Iki jagunge nganggo Wig yaa...hehehe

ora enak go bakaran

very whale ah. Steemit inspired?
Great work thanks for joining!

you wellcome

Panitiane ayu lik. Jalukna nomer tilpune lah.

na kue sing marakna rame, langsung tek folow lah

Di japri nek bisa lik. Sisan ngarti jih prawan apa randa

rika kayong penasaran nemen yak

Amazing piece of art. Great work sir

thank you sir,

This is dope... didn't know a corn skin would fit a whale so well :)

a little force to make her fit :)

This is so cute! I love it! Keep up the good work!!! :D

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Munggahe mung secuwil lik

wektu posting mepet wa langka glet sing 4dn munggah

Ya ngesuk bae. Dinggo ng postingan sing anyar liyane.. sing penting wis ngarti carane 😉

iya wa siap,👍

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