Cook with Us #20 - Vegetable Cutting

in cookwithus •  5 months ago

I hope everyone is well today I'm going to present my entry for the cooking contest of @cookwithus I have been following them for some time and every day they surprise me with the themes they put in for each week.
For this week 20 the theme is cuts with the knife very well I like this I'm in cooking classes so I'm learning from these cuts but I found it interesting to participate and demonstrate the skills I have

So I took my knife to make my cuts
To present the cuts I prepared sautéed vegetables I think that nothing better to show the cuts than some vegetables sautéed with a little oil

I also prepared a bit of breaded chicken that adds a crispy texture to the dish as the vegetables and sautéed potatoes have a smooth texture, They had a lot of flavor here I definitely love the taste and smell of oregano plus it was a well balanced dish.


Sauteed vegetables

  • Onion (feathers)
  • Pimenton (Julianas)
  • Zucchini (julienne)
  • Carrot (Batonnet)
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Oil

Sauteed potatoes

  • Potatoes (Tourne)
  • Oregano
  • Butter

Breaded chicken

  • Chicken Milanese
  • Bread crumbs
  • Egg
  • Wheat flour


The first thing was to make the different types of cuts so I started with the vegetables

Onion in feathers




After making all these cuts I went to cook the chicken


I wanted to take a picture of the potatoes at the time they were in the pot but the time passed quickly so I hurried, this was the cut that I made with a lace this is a small knife


Once all this was ready I went to sauté the vegetables, starting with the onion, the carrot, the zucchini and finally the pepper, before putting some oil in the pan and then all the vegetables in the salt and pepper sauce

With the potatoes was almost the same procedure these are previously soft





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yummy I cook with youyummy (2).gif


Oh thank you very much :)

Looks so yummy! Well done @yesslife :) Love the onions, carrots and potatoes, they look so savory. Nice presentation


Thank you very much @birdsinparadise those vegetables were very good flavor I love making sautéed vegetables are one of my favorites sometimes I add some white sauce

Great to have you onboard @yesslife. I like the sautéed vegetables and all the vibrant colours of the plate. Best of luck!


Thank you very much I am happy to be here I enjoy cooking a lot I hope to continue doing it

Hi @yesslife. You made a delicious sounding dish. I really enjoy eating chicken Milanese. Your knife cuts are great and you were the only one to make a tourné, which I consider the hardest knife cut to make. I also like to add a little oregano to sautéed vegetables. The flavor is gives is so good! Thanks for your entry!


Thank you very much I am happy to have obtained the first place

You're right that cut is a bit difficult I think that with the practice you can perfect and stay beautiful and delicious sautéed with butter and oregano

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This looks so very good, and healthy. Your foods always look to be so good for us. I hope you do well in the contest. Good luck, and good eats ( :


Oh thank you very much I had some time that I did not see you around here, you always like my meals as well as I like the things you prepare

Thank you for showing up to this challenge! You have demonstrated your knife skills really well and used several different cuts. The cut veggies turned out beautifully and the final plated dish looks delicious!

I hope you enjoyed the challenge and learned from it too. I also hope it helps in your cooking classes and your prep time in the kitchen.

Congratulations on an amazing and impressive entry!


Thank you very much I love being in the contest maybe this week I will not be presenting but I hope for the next active time we will see what happens but I certainly enjoy it a lot and I like the support