Cook with Us # 18 - Venezuelan Breakfast

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As many of you know I am from Venezuela, we have a varied gastronomy and I think that it is known worldwide. We are famous for our arepas.

This breakfast that I present to you is or rather was very common in Venezuelans now it is a little difficult to bring something like this to table every ingredient presented here it is difficult to find them, buy them and take them to the tabl, STEEMIT helps me to make this breakfast, Thank you very much for the support.

On the plate there are different textures, they have the arepas these are fried so it is crispy, a little scrambled egg with tomato the texture that this has is soft there is a bit of beans (CARAOTAS) or black beans do not know how to call the beans in other countries these are soft they feel a little grain and are usually refried, sometimes a little onion is cut and onion is placed this time I just made them refried and a bit of striped hard white cheese we say llanero cheese, but you can put the cheese of your preference, I forgot to talk to you about meat to dismele, so we call it here.

To finish accompanying this breakfast you do it with a cup of coffee with milk.



  • Arepas (Fries)
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Caraotas (Beans)
  • Hard White Cheese
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Chili pepper
  • Peppers
  • Ketchup
  • Dressing
  • Flavored sauce
  • Salt

To make the arepas a precooked flour called PAN flour is used before you got it very easy in the market, it is already difficult if you arrive you must queue for it and for many foods to obtain it.


For the meat use onion, Chili pepper, peppers, tomato all cut in brunoise, a bit of Flavored sauce, dressing and salt, to add a little flavor and color add a little Ketchup.
All this I simmer





The CARAOTAS or beans were ready a few days ago so only what I did was refried, if these beans have some days in the fridge they are much better.

I made some scrambled eggs with a bit of ripe tomato cut into brunoise is what gives the flavor and color with a little salt


Now all this ready what I did was grate a little hard white cheese and make some coffee with milk


If you come to Venezuela some day and want to go for a typical breakfast in the country, this is what a Creole breakfast will be for you.



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Thanks for the support

Really nice to see a typical dish from your side of the world. Thanks for sharing the details and photos.


Thank you very much if you come to Venezuela this will be a good breakfast

So colorful, looks like an amazing breakfast!


If it is also very tasty, greetings

Hi @yesslife! I’m glad to hear that Steemit is helping you through a difficult time in your country. This is the power of decentralized currency at work! We are also so happy to have you here at Cook with Us!

Your arepas look so tasty! I just love this dish. It is so savory and satisfying! Thanks for your entry and good luck!


Thanks for the support

A very complete dish here, this is a breakfast that you can find in a restaurant or somewhere in the morning meal

I love arepas but only learned about it last year when I went to Colombia. Your arepas look good and crispy. The meat you made looks delicious and flavorful, a great dish to have with the arepas. The side dishes of scrambled eggs, beans and cheese make it a delicious breakfast meal. What a hearty dish to start the day.

Sorry about the difficulty you're experiencing at this time in your country. I do hope things improve and am glad Steemit has helped.

Thanks for sharing your breakfast dish @yesslife!


This is Colombia also make arepas have the ideal flour to make the arepas you can make them roasted or fried in my case I made them fried

A typical venezuela dish I think we usually eat a lot here at the beginning of the day hahaha

Thanks to you for the support @offoodandart

I first made arepas some time ago when one of our contestants entered and even though I had the wrong flour - they still tasted delicious. @chefsteve put me on the right track - but I still need to make them correctly.
Glad to hear that Steemit is helping you. I must say I don't know what I would do without Steemit - it has kept me very busy indeed. Thank you for entering the competition


Then @chefsteve know how to make arepas whenever you want I can show you we have even a technique to know when they are ready

The truth is that I do not know what I would do without steemit the truth has helped me a lot even though in my country inflation is eating us more and more


Would love to know more about arepas @yesslife

Good to see what people eat in different countries @yesslife


Thank you very much for passing, I'm glad you like this