Cook With Us Week #34- Secret Santa

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I can't believe it's already the end of season 3 for @cookwithus. I was thinking who should I pick for my Secret Santa but I could not come up with just one name. Over the course of joining Steemit and @cookwithus, I have been greeted by the most kind and talented people. I have met many friends that inspire me weekly with their knowledge and creativity so I thought I would dedicate this post to the community of steemit. Since it's the holiday season, I thought I would make a chocolate hazelnut cherry meringue cake.



  • 150g egg whites
  • 325g confectioners sugar
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Place the egg whites with the cream of tartar into a mixing bowl. Using the whisk attachment, whisk the egg whites until frothy. Slowly add in the confectioners sugar and whisk until the egg whites are stiff peaks. Mix in the vanilla extract.


Melt 50g of bittersweet chocolate and drizzle into the meringue.


Fold in the chocolate. You want to leave streaks of chocolate in the meringue.


Spread the meringue on parchment paper. The circles should be 1/4" thick. To help me make the same size discs, I trace circles on the parchment paper and flip it over to use as my guideline. Sprinkle some chopped hazelnuts or any nut of choice. I like to place my meringue in a dehydrator set at 200 degrees F. You can also place them in a 200 degree F oven to dry them. It should take about 3-4 hours depending on the thickness of your meringue discs.


To finish the dessert, I whipped some heavy cream with a touch of powdered sugar and some vanilla extract. Place a large dollop of cream on top of a meringue disc. I add some amarena cherries and grated chocolate. If you can't find amarena cherries, you can use berries or frozen cherries.


Thank you @chefsteve, @pandamama and @offoodandart for another fun and exciting season. I am lucky to be part of this community, Happy Holidays to all!



Oh my that is deadly! I have never eaten something like is simply beautiful, your meringue is perfect! You continue to amaze me with your kitchen talent! Merry Christmas to you @loveself. I have so enjoyed getting to know you, looking forward to seeing what you whip up for 2019! Good luck :)

Thanks so much @birdsinparadise for your continued support. I'm thrilled to have met you in this platform and I continue to learn so much from your posts. Enjoy your holiday with your family.

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Thank you so much @c-squared for your support. I truly appreciate it.

Amazing cake wow I would like to taste it so much ! Such a pretty post, too <3 Love the photographs and the step by step explanation ! And that final picture is SUPER INVITING * ___ *

Love this post, @loveself <3

Thank you @veryspider. You are too kind. Your sketches are awesome! Your attention to detail brings your character to life. I can't wait to see more.

Hi loveself,

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I am completely humbled. Thank you so much for your generosity and acknowledgement.

Om nom nom nom. This looks totally delicious and I really like that you arrange the food in such a beautiful presentation.
Congrats for your curie vote ^_^.

You are super talented. I only wish I could draw like you. Thank you so much @scrawly.

Yaaayyy... this is more delicious than ice cream @loveself 😍 I like meringue but never made it myself.. because I'mnot kinda person who can wait till everything done 😂😂😂

Lovely presentation and thanks for sharing, anyway.. when you say "drying it" do you mean that you bake it? I'm not good in english and cooking ..but I can't hold my curiousity. Congrats for the @curie picked too.

Yes, you want to bake the meringue until they are dry to the touch and hard. It's quite easy to make and you can even serve it with ice cream. Thank you @cicisaja.

So.. it's like a sponge cake base, right? Without flour off course.. I should try this one day😄 does cream of tartar reduce the "egg white" scent?

The cream of tartar is an acid so it helps stabilizes the egg whites. You can always use lemon juice instead of cream of tartar. You won't have an egg white scent to the meringues if you use vanilla extract or any other flavoring of choice. Just make sure you don't use any oil base flavoring because that will cause the egg whites to collapse.

Thanks for the tips @loveself 😉 I really should try it soon (need to findca good oven first😊)

Oh wow @loveself, meringues are my absolute favourite dessert, yours looks so gorgeous, very well done! Congrats on the curie, well deserved :)

Awww, thank you so much @lizelle. What is your favorite way to prepare your meringue?

I also use your method but have never added chocolate, have been tempted to try making Italian Meringues but I'm always rushing so stick to this method.
Yours look gorgeous!

I've have also used the Italian meringue method but I could not tell the difference so I just stick to the basic method. The first time I tried adding melted chocolate to my meringue I was very skeptical, but it works. Thank you @lizelle. I am looking forward to seeing what you will be creating with your meringues.

You've certainly inspired ne to experiment with meringues, thank you @loveself:)

Great to see this post doing so well! keep going it looks really good

Thank you @heyitshaas for your support. Which NBA team is your favorite?

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this recipe looks absolutely delicious 😋 making me really hungry hha, have a wonderful day, GREETINGS TO YOU!

Thanks so much for your sweet comment. What did you like the best at the Christmas market in Luxembourg? Wishing you a great week!

I loved all the good food and the XMAS lights there :)

  • thanks!

¡Hola @loveself! Me encanta el merengue, acá hacen unos dulces llamados suspiros, son deliciosos y son de puro merengue. Las fotos quedaron muy bien, gracias por compartir la receta, será un buen postre para esta época de Navidad, te felicito por tu voto Curie, ¿Cuál fue tu sentimiento? Risa, sonrisa, aplausos, llanto etc. Cariños y besos.

Es un honor para mi que me escogiera Curie. Suspiros son merengue galletas? Espero un día puedo probar. Muchas gracias @celinavisaez.

Estos son los suspiros, es merengue horneado, un cariñoso abrazo @loveself

It look so delicious and sinful @loveself. I always cannot resists cake with fresh cream. My subconscious always told me "hey enough. You gain weight, please look out your diet" and the evil part of me would say " just one bite, later i would be discipline LOL!!" guess what, evil always won the battle. Especially christmas around the corner, i knew there goes my diet plan. This recipe of yours seems simple to bake, think the most difficult would be the egg white portion. Hmm.. I should try make one :) .. Are you a dessert person? Base on how you wrote this post, it seems you good in making dessert.

Ahaha, I often go through the same thought process when I see something I simply cannot resist. It's quite simple to put together. Just make sure there are no egg yolks in the whites or any other fat which will inhibit the egg whites from whipping up. Desserts have always been my weakness as a child and since my mum never baked I learned really young to make my own desserts. Thank you @oliviackl and I will let you know if origami is a success.

hehehe.. then I must thanks your mum.. if not I won't be able to get your simple dessert recipe. oh yes, please. Origami is fun when you do it together with family. The christmas tree i also learnt recently. My time, there were no christmas trees. Try youtube, they have a lot of Christmas origami and beautiful as well.

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Well done @loveself for a well-deserved recipe - I simply love meringue

Thank you @pandamama. What is your favorite way of having your meringue?

My most favourite meringue dish is a pavlova. My late mother used to make it with granadilla/passionfruit, bananas and strawberries and then topped with fresh unsweetened cream. Ah what memories you have conjured up here @loveself

That sounds absolutely luscious!

OMG love your post .. !! Much quality in your images, you also explained the preparation very well, that's good for people who do not know how to cook very well, so I appreciate that xD It looks so tasty the final result that I would like to prepare it right now, you opened my appetite <33 A big hug @loveself !!

Your sketches are absolutely stunning. The octopus is so realistic. I wish I could draw like that. Thank you so much @naideth.

I am very happy with your comment, everything is achieved with a lot of practice <33 Drawing is something I love !!

Wonderful entry @loveself! This dessert looks decadent and light at the same time! With chocolate, hazelnuts and cherries I am already loving this! Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you @chefsteve for another incredible season.

looks tooo good!!!!!!!!.... if only i could get the aquafaba to look anywhere near as good as these egg whites do probs should get hold of some cream of tartar

I've made some meringues before with aquafaba and I have to say that stuff is incredible. It really whips up and the meringues came out great. Do you reduce your aquafaba? I found that helps and I usually let it sit overnight in the refrigerator to thicken. Thank you @celestialcow.

it looks delicious. Don't mention that I love the photo of the cream. That part of making cakes is my favorite. A dessert that undoubtedly delights the most demanding palates ... I'm drooling with just the photos. I can have an idea of ​​its taste .. yummy great post to finish the season .

Thank you so much for your kind words. Are you a Walking Dead fan? I tried watching a few episodes but I ended up spooking myself, haha. Nice reviews on upcoming movies and tv show @wisejg.

I am a fan of the walking dead for 8 years. that means since it started. I am a lover of the zombie genre. it's good that you like my reviews ... try to overcome the fear and continue watching the show... Many people stopped watching the series for other reasons. let's say you're not alone hehe... your recipes look delicious. Unfortunately I live in Venezuela and getting the money for the ingredients is difficult. but with effort I will gather enough and I will try to make one of your dishes. that's for sure

I can't imagine what the people in Venezuela are going through. I hope the situation improves really soon. Do you also watch Fear of the Walking Dead?

thanks for the words of support. fear the walking dead I saw it until the second season. but not because I did not like it, I like it a lot. is just I see it with a friend and so far we have not met again to continue watching the series :( I think I'll have to continue alone.You see FTWD?

No, I also have not seen FTWD. My friend who is a huge fan of the original also told me about the prequel. I guess I will have to try to watch it. Since you are a Marvel fan, do you also like watching DC comics movies?

Chocolate, hazelnut, cherry! Perfect combination of ingredients in a meringue cake. Would love to have tasted a piece as it seems so delectable, not to mention beautiful and so tempting.

Thanks for another delicious and professional entry! I wish you a great and fun holiday season and hope that you enjoy the break!

I would have loved to share some with you. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and thank you for another incredible season.

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