Cook with us #30 - bannoffee pia chia puds (vegan + gluten-free)

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I know this is more of summer food rather than autumn, but where I am currently in Hong Kong, it is so warm therefore a chilled dessert is in order! I've never actually eaten chia seeds, nor have I even bought them, but I went to cafe and they had no dessert to go with my coffee other than a chia pudding- slim pickings! But I guess that was a good thing otherwise my kitchen would never have seen these chirpy little seeds.


I was shocked at how versatile they are and the fact that they become pudding-like in less than an hour, awesome!


A bannoffee pie version was definitely more up my alley! So here's how to make it:

Soak 2tbsp chia seeds in 250ml sweetened coconut milk with vanilla extract and refrigerate for 1 hour. Line a ramekin with crushed oat biscuits and bananas then pour in the chia pudding, followed by some nice cream (blended frozen bananas), topped with some toffee sauce (I will put the recipe up for this soon).


And enjoy.


Aww, this looks great and is so simple! 🤗

Thank you :-)

Looks delicious! Can't wait to see how you made the toffee sauce. :)

Thank you :-) I’ll have to make sure I put up the recipe for that soon then!

This is my kind of dessert

Wow, this dessert seems so delicious and is visually stunning. It really comes together fast and with little work. You also took some beautiful photos! Welcome back and thanks for sharing your dessert with us!

Welcome back - and with an amazing dessert - Good luck in the contest

Thank you so much @pandamama :-)

Nice to have you back!

Simple and yet so great. I just started using chia seeds myself last year and what a revelation that was, so I can relate with your experience. Yes, they’re so versatile! And your spin on it for a banana dessert looks so delicious. Love the layer of crushed oat biscuits! I should give it a try.

Thank you so much. Great to be back 😉 you should post up some of your chia pud recipes!

I've been attempting to for the longest time but you know how it goes ... something always gets higher priority. LOL. Will do one of these days.

Looks delicious! Also, congratulations!

Thank you so muc @dalipops :-)

I recently bought a pack of chia seeds, also never used it before! Your dessert sounds delicious @foodflaneur!

omg @lizelle they are so easy to use- I'm making some chocolate orange ones next week! Nice to hear from you :-)

It's great seeing you back :)

Thanks so much @lizelle :-)

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