Cook with Us #23 - French loaf with Tsadziki and gherkin - hors d'oevres

in cookwithus •  8 months ago

My eyes are closed in one of my proof photograph signifying many things - firstly I am exhausted from the move my lovely fiance and I made this weekend into our first home together. It's a little bit of paradise and I will blog about it soon and send some photographs - secondly I'm about to partake of this wonderful little hors d'oevres that I prepared today after a very late night out. We were planning to give it a miss but then did not want to incur the wrath of my brother. What decided us was that for some unknown reason the promised electricity was not switched on !!! So, a night out was better than sitting in a dark house - and furthermore, we had a great night out.

So what did I make - Tsadziki on a french loaf cut into little rounds with gherkins. This really is a delicious and amazing starter and we had planned to have a barbecue to say thanks to the family for all the help - but that never happened so the starters were great before pizza from the local Pizza place - Pizza Mia

Tsadziki is pretty simple to make - just grate the cucumber, and drain in a colander to remove excess liquid - add some crushed garlic and Himalayan salt and pepper and add yoghurt - simple as that. I added some sliced baby gherkins for decoration.

We all tucked in and made something for the competition and ended up with a plate which ended up looking like this

Mine is at the bottom of the photograph

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 12.33.40 AM.png

Hope you enjoy - have a wonderful week ahead and good luck to all the contestants

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Tsadziki always goes down well @deimus


Always - never known anyone not to like it

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Great choice for a no power hors d'oeuvres! The tsadziki on toast looks absolutely perfect and refreshing for a hot summer day. I love the photo too of the whole spread of hors d'oeuvres! That looks like a great party platter. Congrats on your new home! That is very exciting news. Thanks for your entry!


Thanks Steve - hope you can visit us sometime in the future - would be great to see you and Angie

I really can't say 'no' to tzatziki. It's so refreshing and livens up the eating experience. Simple dish yet so enjoyable for an appetizer. Thanks so much for your entry @deimus!

Also, congratulations on the new place! Fun!


Thanks @offoodandart - finally settling in to the new place - new beginnings