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RE: @cookwithus Pot Luck Dinner to Benefit @adollaraday Charity

Wow this is great I would like to be able to promote this on my radio show tonight if you would care to join us you can talk about it if you wish we are in the rambling radio discord server??


Would be grateful if you could give us a mention - @offoodandart is away at the moment - @chefsteve has been snowed under and I've just come back from a trip and preparing for another. Sorry we would have loved to join you. Can you perhaps send us a podcast so we can listen .

Sure thing the recording will be available tomorrow.

what a wonderful organization, great to see people raising money for charity, using the Steem platform, upvoted without hesitation. 😊

hi @ eternalsuccess! Welcome to Cook with Us and Steemit! We hope that you will join our CwU community.

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