Overnight Oats

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I'm not a morning person. I crawl out of bed, rush through a shower and a dog walk before driving to work with my eyes only halfway open. I can't make smalltalk before 10am and a good amount of coffee.

I never find time for a good breakfast. Once in a while I might find a piece of fruit or some crackers, but it's rare for me to eat a real meal before lunch time.

Luckily my girlfriend and I found a quick, easy, filling recipe that can be prepared the night before and brought to work with us in the morning. It takes us no time in the morning, freeing up more time for important things... Like hitting the snooze button!

Overnight Oats


1/2 cup whole oats

Whole oats are extremely cheap - a 2.2 kg bag costs me around $4.
They're also extremely nutritious, with a ton of dietary fibre and protein.

Check out the nutrition and cost breakdown at the end of this post for the full details!

1/2 cup skim milk

More protein, calcium, and a ton of other healthy vitamins to start your day right. The milk gets poured directly onto the oats. It might look watery at first, but as it sits overnight the oats will soak up the majority of the milk.

If you prefer a thicker texture, try using a bit less milk to get harder oats.

1/2 cup flavored yogurt (optional)

Top the oats off with some yogurt. Another easy way to add calcium and protein to your morning meal. This also adds a ton of flavor.

Some yogurts contain a lot of added sugars, so they're not for everyone. Consider using greek yogurt for added protein and texture.

1/2 cup frozen berries

Finally add your fruit on top. This is where most of the flavor comes from. I prefer berries, but I have also tried the recipe with apple sauce, bananas, raisins, apples, pears and mangos.

I'm using frozen berries since they aren't available fresh during the winter, but I try to use fresh whenever I can.

Let sit, and enjoy!

Let the mixture sit in your fridge overnight, then get ready to enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast the next morning.

Nutrition Breakdown

Nutrition DataWhole OatsSkim MilkYogurtFrozen BerriesTotal
Total Fat2.5g0g7g0g9.5g
Saturated Fat2.5g0g5g0g7.5g

Cost Breakdown

Whole OatsSkim MilkYogurtFrozen BerriesTotal

Costs in Canadian dollars, and are based on northern Ontario prices.

Note that the yogurt is the main culprit both in terms of costs and bad nutritional content. I like the flavor, so I add it, but it could easily be removed to make the overnight oats substantially cheaper and healthier.

Thanks for reading,


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nice, looks delicious!

I'm very habit oriented, so I always eat a bowl of oatmeal and tea for breakfast! (unless i'm fasting)

Overnight oats are my go-to breakfast! Absolutely love them. Great recipe :)


Glad that other people have discovered them! While the berry recipe is my favorite so far, I've found a lot of other good recipes too :). I might make another post later on to cover them

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