Poll:59 Do you Cook?

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In the days of eating better and saving our money the better cook you are the better you eat and live. There is no doubt that a hands on cooking your own freshly picked foods and creating nutritious meals for way less than restaurants is the best way to go long term anyways, and can be very emotionally satisfying ourselves by way of creating dishes you and others will enjoy plus maybe the added gratitude and compliments for your talents.

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Poll:59 Do you Cook?

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#Poll:59 Do you Cook?

sure do, ... considering the fact the , barring a small kebab at €5, even most fast food joints are a bit outside my budget at the moment its not even a choice heh, i like my bag of fries and grease as much as the next person and i certainly like eating out at restaurants but it's simply not affordable and b/c i'm used to it (its not like ive been stuck in this house all my life lol, i left at 21 and moreover, my parents didnt really pack lunch when i was a certain age, like ... 12 or something heh) i can handle myself in the kitchen but ... i prefer not to spend more than 15-20 minutes if its cooking for myself as i keep saying then, its not worth it unless it gets me laid ;-)

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Yes, I cook, but unable to make that taste that my mom can.

Yes , I cook Maggi and some other food

If I cook, I like to take different alternatives and create new things, as long as I have all my ingredients, but if it does not happen, I invent what I have at this moment.