Hash Browns "My Way" - Recipe!

in cooking •  7 months ago

Now that things have all gone back to "normal" or maybe better to say "back to the usual routine" I am able to concentrate on my cooking posts along with my family diary posts.

Today I experimented a little, trying to make simple hash browns and to decorate them so that the children enjoy them!


I think this photo gives an idea of where I was going with my "experiment"!

Here is my simple hash brown recipe:


6 boiled potatoes
1 teaspoon of salt (maybe half a teaspoon if you don't like things salty)
4 tablespoons of flour
cooking oil (to fry in)

Step 1
Boil your potatoes and mash them up.



Step 2

Add your salt and flour and make sure to mix it all up well. Mix with a spoon, not a mixer.


Step 3
Spread the mix (dough) and then with a drinking glass cut out circles.

Cut smiley faces into them, make the holes a little bigger than what you see here in the photos.



Step 4

Fry in oil until they are golden brown.



This may not be a typical recipe for hash browns, like I said, I experimented a little and made them "interesting" for the children.

Nothing was left over, so I believe that they liked it.

I hope you liked my recipe, simple and quick to make.

Thank you for reading.

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That seems nice and easy. Gotta try it soon.
Thanks for sharing your recipe!


You welcome. You will not regret.


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your food looks great. This is also our turkish cuisine