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RE: The Tale of Midnight Pizza

in #cookinglast year

"Innocent" "minding my own business" so many lies right off the bat. But I'm determined to keep reading. After all, pizza is one of my favorite topics.

Speaking of pizza, yours looks delicious. I might have to get one of those pizza cookers. Did the dough really take 10 minutes? Yum. You made me so hungry I just ate my lunch early.


it could have 'risen ' a bit more but because I didn't have my oven on 500 billion degrees it didn't have that extra heat. so I would say really 20 minutes.

and That pizza maker is so GREAT. You don't heat up your house and you can see just how brown it is so you get a perfect pizza every time. plus they say you can make frozen eggrolls and stuff on there too :D