Creating Elite Players: Newsletter Day 26

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It's time to take control. I grow tired of being tossed to-and-fro by the oceans of people, events, and circumstances. It's time to assert myself, to create my financial independence, to create my circumstances, even if I must take what I want by force (no, I'm not going to do anything to violate God or man's rules). Why should I apologize for going after my desires?

I've been nice. I've put others first. I've let people off the hook, even when I shouldn't have. I suppose I had to repeat these patterns again only to realize they lead absolutely nowhere. No one, up to and including God or the universe rewards me for these good deeds. No one is going to fight for me. I've got to blaze my trail.

First, I must be in a position to be able to move around freely again. My temporary home is looking like it will be temporary indeed. I'll have enough time to get on top of my projects, but probably not enough time to stash away additional financial resources. Whether it's to bounce around from one Airbnb or hotel to another, or to finally settle down in an apartment, financial resources will prove essential to my well-being and ultimate success.

Second, I have launched The Most Incredible Back to School Sale (expires October 7, 2022). Yes, I am looking to create a supplementary income. But it's not about the income. It's about anxiety and agoraphobia. It's about the fact that I want to get therapy and supplements before I return to Calgary. Having a panic attack on the highway doesn't work, and it could lead to fatal consequences if it unfolds as it has before.

It's also about failure. If we see no traction whatsoever with the next two offers we launch (the first being The Most Incredible Back to School Sale), we will be forced to shut our doors. Besides, the offer is more than worth it at the price point we're selling it at.

Being this transparent about an offer is a little scary, but there isn't enough time to sit around and think about it. It's time to take control, and that means leveling up to a stronger mindset.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Drop a comment so I can follow and connect with you personally.

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