[ Tpot Contest No. 12 ]: Participate to WIN FREE Whaleshares and TROPHY TOKENS - Contest 11 Results Announced

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Greetings Everyone !

Its a pleasure to write to you again for another contest. Thanks for all your participation and keeping it a super success. We will find ways to make it even more successful in the coming days. It's just that the decreasing prices of STEEM/SBD and the draining of reward pool has somewhat made it difficult for us to hold onto our current position.

Tpot appreciates all your efforts and participation in our contests. You deserve much more..

Contest No. 11 - Results

The winner of contest no. 11 is @generouswale. Congratulations for your wonderful entry. All the rewards will be transferred to you.


This week contest theme is either 'sunset' or 'sunrise'. Both are acceptable. To participate in the contests, take a picture and post along with a description as per rules stated.


Pay attention to the following rules. Any of the "rule not followed" may disqualify your entry from the contest.

  1. Resteem and Upvote this post
  2. Title of the post should contain, "Tpot Contest No. 12"
  3. The post must contain at least 5 lines/rows of words (explaining the image).
  4. Provide the LINK to your post in the comments section to this post along with your Bitshares account. If you don't have a Bitshares account then register here.
  5. Only original contents. Do not EDIT, PHOTOSHOP or Add Special Effects.


Only the first prize will be given out. If your post is selected as winner, you will receive;

75 Whaleshares + 3 Trophy Tokens


Whaleshares are both a token and community. They are based on Bitshares platform and works as cross-chain tokens. You can summon a whale for Upvote with your Whaleshares.

Trophy Tokens

TROPHY TOKEN is a Bitshares asset made by Steemians who want to reward you for your efforts with more than just an upvote.

Open a Bitshares Account Here

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Join our Discord Channel : https://discord.gg/4h64RA8


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Great work Sucsesfuly for you

My entry: https://steemit.com/contest/@laviniatherapist/tpot-contest-no-12-sundown-and-sunrise
the photos are mine made by me this year
Bitshare username: laviniatherapist7

good luck to all of you!

Upvote @tpot

Are you no longer offering voting services? Sent 0.6SBD a couple days ago and did not receive vote. Thanks

We are providing the service, no change so far. Sorry for not noticing your Upvote request. The Bot was offline hence we couldn't notice.. A detailed reply is made on your post.

Your post is upvoted. Thanks.

This is my entry.

My Bitshares account username is : sumsum007

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