Music Contests This Week on Steemit!

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There are so many music contests you can enter in, it will be difficult to cover every contest but we can try! Some of the contests have already started, are in the middle, or almost ending so please check them out asap!

Here are a few of the contests on our feed!

These contests may have more rules than what's in here. Please be sure to read all the information and deadlines.

@FTLOB - Bands About Bands S02:E01 | A DSound Community Initiative

(source by FTLOB)

Rules / How to enter

  • Follow this account (@ftlob)
  • Resteem this post
  • Write a minimum of 100 words about a Steemian band/artist song, album, EP or music video
  • Include a DSound / DTube link
  • Include links to other platforms (Musicoin, Spotify, Soundcloud)
  • Include artwork
  • Use #BandsAboutBands as tag
  • Tag the artist you're writing about
  • Include link to this contest
  • Add link to your submissions in the comments of the announcement post (this post)
  • You have 10 days to enter this first episode. Contest will end on May 12th after which the Steemit community will have 2 days to vote for their favourite review.

@ITalent - iTALENT Contest (New RULES) | Auditions For "Round 4" | All Talents Accepted | Submit Your Entry Until 15'th of May

(source by ITalent)


  1. Make a iTalent post with your art/performance
  2. Use #italent tag as the first tag
  3. Paste link of your post in the comments
  4. Support with upvote and resteem


(Source by Art-Zone)

The requirements are the following:
1 - Create/produce a song or Perform a musical act on the theme of "Quit Your Day Job"

2 - Post your content on @sound/@dlive/@dtube using the tag #artzonemusic

3 - Post your entry in the comment section of this post

The competition starts on Monday the 7th of May 2018 12pm ECT and will close on Monday the 14th of May 2018 12pm ECT

@TermiteMusic - Worldwide Cypher Jam [ROUND 33!!!] "Calling All MCs/Singers of Earth!!" 白蚁.

(Source by Termite Music)

Play the beat above and record yourself doing your 'bars/freestyle/song/rap/scratching/guitar solo/shaolin skills/whatever you feel over it! Everyone is welcome!!! 白蚁.


There are NO rules!!!
Use laptops/phones/cameras or anything you want to record it!
POST YOUR ENTRIES BELOW, or comment with a link to your entry post.
KEEP THE STEEM FLOWING!!! ... vote the jammers if you like how we do!! Vote this post to get the winner some SBD!!!!!! See previous rounds if you're not sure what I'm on about!
You have until I switch the beat in one week from ............... NOW!

@recordpool - Steemit Music Review [#10] | Curate Steemit Music Reviews & Win Weekly Rewards!

(source by recordpool)

Submission Guidelines

Step 1: Search for the latest original song produced/composed by Steemians.
Search for the latest submissions on DSound (@dsound or or even DTube (@dtube).
Step 2: Write a music review in a new post, including the #musicreview.
Step 3: Add title starting with "Steemit Music Review".
Step 4: Write a review about the song.
Step 5: Embed the song in the post if possible. If not, include a link/source to the song.
Step 6 (optional): Add cover art and other supporting images and credit the source.

Any other contests that are going off this week please let us know!!

Follow @music-trail

Music Trail is part of the @SteemTrail project that curates Music Artists on Steemit.


Thanks for posting this! @music-trail is it ok if I share this in The Steemit Local Music Society on Discord for others to find? We have a thread for Steemit music contests and this would help to spread the word of these awesome contests!

of course!! Thanks for the help with spreading the word!

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I got to get into this!

Feel free to add your competition posts to our dedicated Steemit music contest channel on Discord here whenever you like.

Thanks for featuring our contest guys! Great post, also shared on our Discord.

Kewlness! Nice 1! :D

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