Operation SteemPoke / Poetry Challenge Complete - Winner @girlbeforemirror!

in contests •  3 years ago  (edited)

This operation SteemPoke has not seen the return of @prufarchy, but it has answered a question on a few people's minds... Is he ok? That question was answered by @meesterboom.

@sextant and I have done the judging, and as stated in the original post, we don't know a thing about poetry. We did our best with the judging. I had hoped prufarchy would do the judging for us lol. 

The rewards have been adjusted thanks to @taskmanager.

2nd Place: 2 Steem Power

Winner: 20 SP (10 from @d3nv3r, 10 from @taskmanager)

Everyone else who entered will receive .25 Steem Power for taking part. I hope we see the return return of @prufarchy soon. His poetry contests are far superior to my own, likely because he actually knows something about poetry. 

Payout history below.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this and past Operation SteemPokes, without your help none of these would have been a success.

Operation SteemPoke needs you to nominate your favorite steemit user who has gone inactive. If you know a steemian who hasn't posted in the last 7 days, nominate them in the comments or in a steemit chat PM. I am looking for people who were giving to the community, or showed potential, and gave up. There is a 1 Steem Power reward if I use your nomination! 


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Awwww we miss him! Here's to @prufarchy, may he land that job!!


I can think of two..............

Congratulations to the 2 main prize winners!
I would of liked to have helped with a larger prize but I am only a few days into steemit.

I just followed you! LOL! Like 2 mins ago!

Good time to follow, I just posted tonight's Task Manager.

Thank you for adding to the prize!

I just saw this and can't even begin to express how much it moved me. I'm at the new job (thanks for the positive energy @robyneggs) so I can't reply fully right now. Once I'm out tonight I will though... I didn't realize that the poetry slams had really affected anyone...

Thanks for stopping in, glad all is well :)

Congrats to @girlbeforemirror! Also to @hopehuggs and the other participants; good job all!


Congrats to all the winners, I really think this was a great idea to #SteemPoke people for lots of reasons. I am thinking of doing one and if I do, I will tag you and credit you @d3nv3r for this great idea.

As long as I get credit :)
I may even help provide a prize... MAY being the key word there, it will heavily depend on balances at the time.


Spends 4 mins trying to figure how ya got the box, then gives up...

Surround your text with the little apostrophe-ish character that you get when you don't hit shift on the tilde key. https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/wiki/Markdown-Cheatsheet#code

Look at that!

I found the markdown guide, but was using ' instead of `

Congrats, well hopefully he does return soon. Thank you!

UV and RS, I always forget to tell people that LOL. I like how well your SteemPoke logo shows in the feed, I think it is helpful in that regard

Thank you! I truly hope @prufarchy returns soon. I miss my weekly poetry therapy. If not for @robyneggs and her dice poetry (which is awesome) I don't know how I would have coped.
I do miss the Slam though.

Please come back soon!

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Congratulations to @hopehuggs and @girlbeforemirror
Good job @d3nv3r & @sextant too. I think it's a great effort and I hope to see prufarchy back too - but if he did actually get a job, I wish him well in that endeavor.