Hiding Contests in Plain Sight

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Although lately I have been slacking in this department, overall I run a decent amount of contests here. Usually they are announced in the title of the piece...but once in a while I get a bit creative. I know...shocker that this dullard of a human being can flip the switch and light that bulb 💡 above the ol’ noggin every now and then.

Sometimes I’ll be writing a normal piece and then think of a trivia question or something “kinda” obscure. That’s when the Hidden Contest idea comes into play. Usually the prize is something small and nothing to write home about....a few shares of @steembasicincome is mostly my go to prize, but I get some enjoyment out of seeing who’s actually reading and paying attention, and who’s just autovoting my pathetic piece. 😜

Sometimes it’ll just be to leave a comment about something specific to enter but my favorites are when I throw something that requires a little research or knowledge. Take this example from a few days back...

In this piece I popped up about the always amazing Adam Hughes and his stunning run of cover art on the Catwoman title, I popped this bad boy up smack in the middle of the piece.


Luckily resident nerd @bryan-imhoff was quick to answer and was rewarded with 5 tasty shares of Steem Basic Income (that I just purchased now...days later)!!! This also started a nice fun little conversation between several of us including @brickmanbrad.


I enjoy doing these as they are fun ways to see who’s paying attention. I’ve done a handful of these and they are never planned. They kinda just happen and I encourage you to try one out yourself sometime. It’s interesting to see what kind of response you get on them!

Basically what I’m saying is to read my shitty pieces I put up. Suffer through the drek and hunt out the one every 30 articles I pop up, because you never know when you might be able to win a few tasty Steem or some shares of SBI!!! Or just autovote my dogshit. Whatever floats yer boat! 😜

Oh, and Bryan...enjoy!!!



Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!

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I'm so disconnected from the comic industry now, there's no way I would have gotten near that answer. I'd just be there with a blank stare wondering where to start looking...

Ha! Yeah it is a weird one that only hardcore fans would have gotten...or if you clever Steemians would have looked at the only words in capitals.....easter eggs in the hizzy!!!!

Woohoo!! I guess now this makes me @blewitt famous! Better go update my resume!!

If anything...knowing me hurts your reputation.

You say that now, but what is knowing me doing to your own rep?

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