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As challenge won't leave you the same way you enter it, Yensesa has come with a short challenge and it's to reward the participants base on how much they know Yensesa.

To start with, What is Yensesa?

After the discovery of issues on exchange of steem/sbd to fiat currency especially in Africa, yensesa developed a platform to settle the exchange bottleneck and create a platform whereby users in Ghana & Nigeria can exchange their tokens for there local currency by simple registration and in less than 5 minutes you have your fund in your bank account.

This sound cool? Well, this is just one out of many deliverable YENSESA produces you need to find out more because this is what this challenge is all about.

Let's get to work;

Comment Challenge

Construct a very good comment about Yensesa and state the following

  • What you know about Yensesa?

  • What you will use Yensesa token for if you win?

  • Mention 3 friends in your comment

  • Add your yensesa wallet address - to get one if you don't


The reward pool is for three best comments which will be distributed to the winner in this format

1st - 100 YENT
2nd - 50 YENT
3rd - 20 YENT


  • Participants must join Yensesa community discord server.

  • Participants must show a screenshot of commenting on the server.

  • Participants must upvote and resteem this post.

Participants with highest upvotes on their comment wins

Contest will end on 3rd September, 2018. Winner will be announced on 5th September, 2018

Good Luck

Official Website:
Discord Link:

This contest is by the initiative of @samest


What you know about Yensesa?

Yensesa is an exchange platform for buying and selling SBD/STEEM. It is the easiest way to exchange your STEEM for cash as it pays directly to your resident bank account. It is currently in operation in Nigeria and Ghana.

What you will use Yensesa token for if you win?

If I win the Yensesa token, depending on what package I win, I will either stake it for upvote or Hodl for a little while longer.

Mention 3 friends in your comment

@mcsamm, @nattybongo, @stevenmoses

Add your yensesa wallet address - to get one if you don't



All the best

Thanks for the information, didn't know much about yensesa until recently.

All the best darling

Good .yeah

Thanks and best wishes for your contest.

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Great attempt.
Best of lucks darling

good luck!

Success in your contest...
Didn't know anything about it until now...
Looking forward to learning and trading with it, with you as my guide... Thanks for the clear and concise information you've given here.

Oh baby..... Best of luck.

First time i'm getting the full gist about this exchange...sounds interesting.

Best of luck dear


what I know about yensesa?

yensesa is an exchange platform where you can exchange steem and Sbd for mobile money in Ghana& Nigeria. It is also a p2p exxchange that facilitates the trade of several coins, the symbol for yensesa is yent..

what I will use my yensesa token for if I win?

I will hodl, yensesa tokens will worth more than this sooner or later, so keeping the tokens is what I will do..

mention three friends in the comment

@black-man @ifeoluwa88 @stevenmosoes


my yensesa wallet id is yensesa.burlarj.qyinsw

Thanks my man

Best of luck bro.


Xawi is Here, good luck is here

Well you deserve it young warlock 🕺

thanks man

You're such a good and hardworking man. I wish you the very best.

Pretty clear response.

Go for gold....Go burlarj

Am bringing it home, thanks

my niccur.....king of upvote contest.....Best of luck man..

lol. Thanks dear

I support you

Good luck friend😊

I think i know about Yensesa?

Much thanks to you for the benefit to partake in this challenge.
Yensesa is a powerfull innovation.
yensesa is all the more only a p2p trade on the web yet a progressive answer for change the manner in which Cryptocurrency are being traded into Fiat combined with other awesome items coming up soon.

Also, the venture is dealing with making the decentralized economy, which will alter the cutting edge crypto trade showcase.
Sooner or later, every cryptographic money proprietor has confronted the issue.

What is yensesa?

Yensesa Is The Easiest Way To Exchange Steem And SBD For Mobile Money In Ghana & Nigeria.
It also has a service (Yensesa Power) where users stake their yensesa token(YENT) to get upvote from the @yensesa account.

What i would use yent for if i win?

I always love doing giveaways for short tasks and contests. Especially during curation parties such as presenting posts and being active during the show.
So that's basically what am gonna use the yent for if i win.(To sponsor contests)

Mention three friends in the comment

@ifeoluwa88 @black-man and @stevenmosoes

Screenshot (133)_LI.jpg

Yensesa address: yensesa.aquacy.ynhjih

Nice word here Aquacy....i hope you will

yhp, i definitely will.


Yensesa is a exchanging platform which helps people who are on steemit with transaction and also convert their crypto money to their bank account in a speed of light especially Ghanians and Nigerian.

Yensesa helps in the following ways;

Easily convertion of steem ,sdb to the country's legal tender

High tech security for payment as it would not go through if the username is wrong.

Reduces the amount of tax to be paid

Less transaction processes as verification does not demand much.

Able to use steem sbd to make purchase

Duration of transaction is less than 30minutes.

If i win i would use some of it for charity .

Wallet address : yensesa.sammiegold.fvyayn

@ifeoluwa88 @rebeccafl @sparkleberry

Good to see you try sammie...I wish you the very best... will help share your link around.....Best of luck buddy

Hello, many thanks to @yensesa for this incredible opportunity, here is what i know about yensesa, it is a decentralized exchange platform that allows one to trade his crypto currency more commonly steem and sbd into fiat, the community intends to add more crypto currencies to it though, it's tokens are based in bitshares platform and it very easy to have access to some and move around as well. Yensesa tokens are being used to create residual income for its patronisers throug the staking and upvote system.

Very well if i manage to win this contest my tokens will go back to the community in the form of staking to ensure continual growth of the community. I have been using the service with some friends, @kwadjobonsu, @mcsamm and @ananam, for sometime time and i must say it is great.

To enjoy this service simply create and account with yensesa and you are good to go. Takes less than a minute to set up and approximate the same time frame to withdraw earnings.

Yensesa Wallet Address

thanks for the mention bro

Hello @yensesa, wonderful job you have been doing so far.

What do I know about yensesa?
Yensesa is an exchange platform that started in Ghana and has expanded into Nigeria. Users get to exchange their steem/SBD on the platform and get money in their bank accounts.
Yensesa has a token called the Yents, it can be staked for upvotes. Yensesa is fast and has less transaction costs.
Recently, yensesa became a witness on platform.
Yensesa hold a curation party every Fridays where steemit users come together to present their posts and get curated, the top three posts are also selected.

What will I use the token for?
I'd definitely stake it, Yents has great prospects and I do not want to miss out of it.


@dawizy @prechyrukky @imbigdee

My wallet address is: yensesa.bookoons.bxboup

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Awesome post. Awesome project. Good luck brother. I will study more and updated my comment. Looking forward to this. Amazing

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