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RE: Yensesa Comment Challenge Contest

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what I know about yensesa?

yensesa is an exchange platform where you can exchange steem and Sbd for mobile money in Ghana& Nigeria. It is also a p2p exxchange that facilitates the trade of several coins, the symbol for yensesa is yent..

what I will use my yensesa token for if I win?

I will hodl, yensesa tokens will worth more than this sooner or later, so keeping the tokens is what I will do..

mention three friends in the comment

@black-man @ifeoluwa88 @stevenmosoes


my yensesa wallet id is yensesa.burlarj.qyinsw


Thanks my man

Best of luck bro.


Xawi is Here, good luck is here

Well you deserve it young warlock 🕺

thanks man

You're such a good and hardworking man. I wish you the very best.

Pretty clear response.

Go for gold....Go burlarj

Am bringing it home, thanks

my niccur.....king of upvote contest.....Best of luck man..

lol. Thanks dear

I support you

Good luck friend😊

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