Let's Celebrate The Release Of Marvel's Avengers With A 50 SBD Contest! (Over $150 in prizes)

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Geek points to anyone who knows that reference. Who else is hyped about Avengers this weekend? You probably have to buy your tickets now it is going to be so busy. To celebrate the release (and our geekiness) I am running a contest for every marvel fan out there. Well anybody on steemit that wants to get involved really. Even people outside of steemit can enter, just get your ass a profile and post in the comments. It is free so no excuse :p. This contest will be split into three sections so all you creatives out there can pick the one that suites you best. Or you can enter all three if you wish there are no limits. But I will pick only one winner per section.

The contest is open until next Monday April 30th


I want your geeky marvel pics. This can be of anything for Marvel. It can be your comic book collection, cosplay, figurines. It can even be a picture of a spider-bite that are sure will give you super powers in the next few hours. Use your imagination. But it has to be Marvel. Sorry DC you will have your own contest another day. There will be one winner that will get the 20 SBD prize.


Calling all artists. I want your marvel drawings and I want them in the comments. You can go hand-drawn and take a photo or feel free to use a graphic design program. You can even use ms paint. You probably won't win, but you can use it. It can be anything marvel related. Your two favorites teaming up, a new custom for an old hero or a cool little pixel version of a favorite. Really whatever you want to enter. I will be picking based on quality for this one but you all know how I give out upvotes like I'm drunk so comment, comment, comment.


This is a bonus section. For this the winner will be the one who makes the best limerick or small poem about marvel. It can also be a dribble (100 word story). Just write something geeky about marvel. Here is my entry (and of course I cannot win)

Peter tried to do laundry quickly,
but his powers were awfully tricky,
he went to close the lid,
but his finger slid,
And now his clothes are all sticky.

I am going to need your help picking a winner for each one so please upvote any you like even if it is with low voting power. There is just a fun contest but I will holding bigger more serious ones in the future as I grow this account. So lets have fun with it :). And original work only. If you copy and paste people in the comments will figure it out and they are good at letting me know. Then I will have to take your upvote away and you will feel sad. I will do my post to give you some upvotes for your efforts but please keep in mind I am literally one person running this. Any resteems and tweets of the link would be appreciated.

And if anyone wants to donate to the prize I will split it out among the three categories evenly.

Enter your entries in the comments below.



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Well done ! Beautiful!

OMG I LOVE IT! Is really beautiful

Its awesome to join in this, my art is a little bit rusty, but spiderman has always been my childhood marvel hero. I give him this

I like this one

I like this one

...and Im loving it more, thank you so much😆

Gardian avengers lastly merge
Infinity war will really surge

Wakanda gets no relief or sigh
The favorite one may also die

Scarlet Witch is lashing fire
Rocket has worlds funniest satire

Hawkeye seems missing from the sight
Thanos aims to erase the universal light

Finally Wakanda lifts her shield
World has erupted a battle field

Woow,love it . You are a talented artiste.

Lol 😆 i barely am, but thanks all the same

What a great artwork .!!!, very neat and clear

Wow really, thanks

awesome comment really thanks please upvote

Terima kasih infonya :) @jademont

i lik this pic. spiderman is not my favorite icon ut its cool:D

Im really blushing, i appreciate 😆




Hahhaha, really like the "Get help acting" so funny.... Love this!

wow you are also a good artist.
go ahead man

Haha😄 really,thanks for the encouragement

i'm agreed your comment

Oh you do, lol, thanks a lot

You're nearly getting there my friend.

I appreciate your vote, thank you

Dude, Awesome lol.

@mistakili , art is awesome. keep this up always and share the thing to inspire us.

you are a good

Much better than I can do

Haha thanks a bunch

Uhmmm....do you like the art? Or will you like to produce yours?

Hey @whatageek, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit!

Hehe thanks

spiderman it's definitely one of the best super heroes, nice drawing!

Spiderman sure is...i appreciate

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i wanna go on the first category with a photo of my spiderman tattoo!!
i am a huge fan of spiderman!!
with a great power comes a big responsibility

spider man.great art.go ahead man

Really a big fun of Mr. Spidey @malos10, nice that this contest came out and you were able to share to us your tattoo and be proud of it, best of luck!

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I thought to make a comic @whatageek and now I am going to make hulk on an A4 size paper, hope you will like them all.

Lol that comic really came to life :p.

What else can I post? Can you help me out?

Whatever you want man, Marvel is a big world.

Its 12.56 a.m here, I am gonna post it tomorrow what else comes in my mind. Can you tell me when will the contest end?

You got a full week.

I will remain active this whole week then

I am not that good at drawing things, hope you will like it @whatageek

HULK, the Marvel character I love the most.


oh man its is so awesome @whatageek will definitely love it

OMG i love it

Fukin brilliant...

It looks amazing, the face and the arms are great and accurate!


Here is first entry
My original work...with my signiture...

Incredible hulk..


Wow what a nice charcoal, right @obaidb2 ?
I think you have big chance of winning, best of luck to you and Mr. Hulk!

Thanks for wishes..
I had been winner in his last logo contest....hope i will be winner this time also...
Lets hope for the best...

And yes let me surprise you ...it is not charcoal sketching...
Just with the pencil you write with....
I know you will be surprised ....thanks in advance...

Wow, I thought it's charcoal, congrats for such an amazing talent, how I wish I had at least a little of it but unfortunately nada! hopefully at least one of my 3 kids will be able to get such talent. You're welcome, such talent deserve an appreciation.

Thanks @bellekiss-31 ....

This is also a beautiful picture.
Really speaking

Thanks man for the compliment ...means alot to me.

Pretty sweet.

Thank you ...coming up with more i guess much more....

I will go for hulk too






Hi, @whatageek.. check this out, It's Harley Quin and Deadpool. I hope I did well.

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This is the Coolest Entry by far Good job!! :)

Awesome work @oluego1!



DON'T LEAVE ME OUT @whatageek, I present to you my iron man!

love the style


Needs some dusting. Love spiderman. I also have a pretty awesome lunch box collection I'm clean em up and post them.


I've been collecting comic books for years sadly they are at my moms. When I saw the main post I got to thinking where are my spiderman figures they were in my kitchen. I also have wicked hologram stickers I got 20 years ago of wolverine and spiderman I'll have to dig up. I'm excited about this post.

Sweet, you must have been the coolest kid in school.

My favorite comic is my Superman proposes to Louis lane. I got it in 2 grade and 4 Superman dies I was a total geek ;)

Here is my entry for the drawing section
I used Adobe Photoshop CC2015



Pretty cool.

My fight against Doctor Strange


Thanks for the contest I enjoyed it a lot

It looks like a close match


Some superheroes decided to visit my little bog garden.

Here's Iron Man tending to my Drosera, a trapper plant which relies on it's sticky substance to trap insects.

Hulk on the other hand, was busy with messing around my Sarracenia, another trapper plant which relies on insects dropping in while wandering around it's lips which contains it's sweet sweet nectar haha.

Ah finally, of course someone had to mess up... Lil Spiddy over here got into trouble.. he's a spider after all..

Sarracenia: Thanks for the meal!

P/s: you can read about my carnivorous bog here:


well, it's just these 2 plants only tho haha..

this one is my favorite :D

I can hear Groot grooting :) I vote for this pic! Good job on this haha

Thanks :)

So cute.

He sure is :)

here is one more from me :D

Baby Groot! Love it 💙

My masterpiece of Thor. Look at that eye patch, that great hammer! Anyone that can't recognise him from this great work of art that took me 14years to produce is not a true MCU fan! Just got a call from Michaelangelo congratulating me from the other side.... Sip some wine and enjoy this masterpiece. My kind comes around, once every 5000 years. Enjoy, while you can... Greatness!


haha, you already won

It is very similar to my drawings.

  ·  last year (edited)

LOL, so do I


  ·  last year (edited)

No way this is Loky😂tho skinny to look like Thor😊

Hahaha.... It's just 1D, mate. Guess he was playing around with the hammer. Haha. Cheers

lol so photo realistic. It looks like something I would draw :p

Greatness recognises greatness, mate. Haha. Cheers

haha atleast it is original :D

Hehehe.... Yeah mate. :D cheers

You crossover the cutting board
Quick witted leather fitted
Eyes blasting beautiful rainbows
Muscle rippling with truth
Capes and cowls
Heroes and villains
Smiles and scowls
A league of Avengers

I wrote a limerick for contest 3 :)

On the mission for the six Infinity stones,
Thanos ended up with severely broken bones,
for causing Hulk sulk,
made him feel Hulk's bulk,
a mistake Thanos himself never condones.

Cool contest indeed!

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super cute

The funniest yet the baddest of 'em all! :D
pen and pencil on bond paper

Hehe ,I took this last last time I was home , my entry for marvel photography

“Update me Friday! How many did she get this time?”
“10 class 3 villains have been deleted from the archive Mr Stark”
Tony’s eyes opened wide in shock.
“That’s the 3rd time this week! Why only class 3? Maybe she thinks I won’t notice. Doesn’t she know I never sleep?” Tony frowned and tilted his head down and to the left. “We need to do something about this.”
“You pulled that exact pose the last 3 times you said that... The connection to the Blockchain network is complete. The data on known villains is already being uploaded as you requested.”

Ironman Bitcoin.png

P.S. Picture is not an entry. Just there for fun.

Here is a sample of my Marvel card collection, I cant draw so I buy cards.





Sick I have a box of holograms somewhere myself.

I loved pulling a hologram from a pack as a kid. Its not the same as just buying it from eBay.


Hello.. Allow me to present my Captain America figurine... This is my entry for the category " Marvel Photography"... Thank you for creating this awesome contest! Have a great day!



I want to share a beautiful memory, my son Angelo's 6th birthday was Iroman, his favorite Marvel character.



Can see his birthday on his facebook here I leave the link.


That cake is awesome, I would want one now :p.

I want one for my birthday, the wonder woman, it's April 30.

In 2016 my friend @nwjordan took me to my first Katsucon, anime convention. There, we met characters from all genres including Marvel! Here is a quick shot of @nwjordan with the stunt Rogue. Careful, not too close!


lol I was going to make the don't touch her joke too :p

MARVEL sbd contest.png

This is just my office Marvel collection, for those times when office memo's just won't do.


p.s. if you haven't read the original Marvel Zombies graphic novel, do yourself a favour and pick it up. The opening scene shows the master of magnetism at his finest.


  ·  last year (edited)

Mr Tony Stark .....

I know it is not that great but took 3 hours to get it ready for the contest...avmctually am having exam tomorrow but cant resist to get enlisted in the contest held by @whatageek ...

Oh I got your Marvel fix right here. Art plus story and voila!


Here is Entry for Contest #2
3d Rendering Of Hulk Dangling Wolverine Off A Roof, Put a Steemit Billboard in there so you know i made it for this

Muy bien aquí esta mi dibujo para el concurso espero que les gusteIMG_20091231_201405.jpg

Not sure what you wrote but that drawing is awesome

then I'm already participating

and I paint the face of hulk because he is the strongest of all the super heroes

This is my entry for the contest.
I know that I am not a good artist but I did my best.
Hope you will appreciate it.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity.


Good Work Victor!! :))

Feeling excited to participate in contests like this

Hey it's really good, thank you for entering.

Here is my entry for this Celebration. I posted these a while back ago and added the links for your viewing pleasures. Thanks for throwing this @whatageek! Your Marvel geekness is appreciated over here!

Spider-Man 6_FINAL

Maximum CarnageMaximum_Carnage_1a


Finally :)) you posted, Entries are Awesome bro. I am working on my entry and I hope it will be done by tomorrow :)) All the best for the contest :D

Both are awesome but I think Carnage looks better, I like it!

Woke up this morning and saw this post. Decided to scratch up a little something. I hope this qualifies...i don't even have a drawing pad...lol...very nice contest! @whatageek
Incredible Hulk steemit drawing.jpg

always dreamed of being thor's girlfriend but a princess came and stole him from me, then I fell in love with a handsome doctor and I found out he was doing magic, at first I thought at running but then I fell in love with his infinite universe. the end ♥

Sweet shirt.


Sweet you..


you are beautiful, those superheros should be crushing on you as I am

Haha thank u sooo much💗

Another comic from me @whatageek , hope you will like it.

It is great ..
Awesome edit..

Ty brother

lol you have the powers of the hulk and spider-man, I hope you are on the hero side.

Superhero side