Resteem this post for a chance to win SBD and hop in the Rewards-Pool

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Just resteem this post.

So I am trying to promote the awesome communal upvote bot @rewards-pool. In order to reach more people I am going to give the SBD generated by this post (after curation) to anyone who resteems this post. That's all you have to do, resteem it and i will automatically enter you in a draw to win the SBD from this post. You don't have to comment or upvote it or follow me or anything else.

I will take all the names of resteemers from the steemworld entry for it on and a random winner will be picked using some kind of randomizer online. I will buy it a little upvote so you should be able to expect over 2 SBD, and hey if you want to upvote it to make the pot bigger go right ahead. I am keeping the SP from the post just to be clear though. Good Luck!

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So what is rewards-pool?

It's a vote bot you delegate 250 SP ( or pay 10 steem a month) and every day it picks 8 Random members for a full upvote. That's it. There is a cooling off period after you win to give everyone a chance. The more people that join the fatter the vote.

Today's Vote Value


So the vote value today is 4:22, it goes up when more people join, hence my interest in getting new people to hop in the pool. It will also obviously go up or down depending on the price of Steem.

I tried delegation to minnow booster and the returns were nowhere near as good. To be fair minnowbooster is totally passive income and with rewards-pool you need to post blogs. If you are a once a week blogger rewards pool probably isn't for you, as you need to have a blog 3 days old or newer to qualify. The vote happens the day after the winners announcement though, so you can always get a new blog written before the vote deadline.

The amount of vote power you lose from a 250 delegation is only a few cents. It is a random draw so i can't say you will win X amount every week or month but I have won Rewards-pool every few days on average. If you know a more profitable place to delegate, let me know. Most places you delegate you get like part of the curation, rewards-pool distributes 100 percent of it's votes to members. This isn't a bot owner getting rich off everyone, it's a community where we are all equal partners. Check us out the comments section in any @rewards-pool post, seems to be 100 percent happy members, I have yet to see anyone unhappy with it.


Congrats @alan369 for winning, i posted new contest today that will also be free to enter

Fantastic man. Thank you!

Done!! Thanks for the support of @rewards-pool!!

It's easy to resteem posts like that :)


Resteemed. @ironshield

@viraldrome That Was Easy !

Sold and sold!! Thanks for the chance!!

Very cool of you! Thanks!

Cool giveaway, I need to be a little stronger to play in the pool. This would be nice🌊.


Done. Resteemed

Resteemed, I hope I win!

ok, I am resteeming it.... :)

Great post, great way to reach new people, and thanks for giving us this oppurtunity.

all you need is a chip and a chair.....resteemed

So far 44 people have resteemed this!

Upvote purely for the screenshot from the game! I played that for hours and my Springfield was massive!

This post has received a 2.96 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @viraldrome.

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