Minnow Support Saturday Contest 3 - Win a 200SP delegation for a week!

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Minnow Support Saturday Contest #2! Again with a 200SP delegation for a week thanks to @Hopehuggs!

For everyone that doesn't know what this contest is about: The Minnow Support Saturday Contest gives new Steemians the chance to win a delegation for a week & the right to post in the elite-post-promotion on the SteemSchool Discord server which is for the MSS winners only (and possibly receive a 100% upvote from me).

To win you have to create the best post of the contest!

NEW: The Winner has to write a second post which will then be published on my blog on Tuesday! The winner will get 50% of the total payout of this post + more visibility! It also shows my readers what I consider a good post.

You have around 24 hours now to participate with your post or create a new one for this contest (I favor new posts).

If you do not know how to improve your content then please take a look at http://www.steemschool.net/episodes/ which contains all episodes of SteemSchool and learn as much as you can.


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The Rules & How to Apply

To participate in the contest you simply have to comment here that you wish to participate & then join the Steemschool Discord server.

After you have written your comment and joined the server you simply have to copy & paste your post link into the "contest entries" channel, resteem this post and you are done.

Only 25 people will be able to participate because I will have to read all of them and that takes time for me to do.

You can enter the contest with posts that you have written a couple days ago too!

Requirements to Join the Contest

1. Your Steem Power must be below 1000 to participate.
2. You must write a comment that you wish to participate.
3. You must resteem this post.
4 You must join the SteemSchool Discord server.
5. You must write the link to your post into the "contest-entries" channel which you find on the SteemSchool Discord server.

Link to the SteemSchool Discord server: https://discord.gg/VRSaB9y


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Winner Announcement

Tomorrow at 20:00 CET (or before) I will announce the winner of the first Minnow Support Saturday contest on my blog and send the 1 week 200SP delegation to the winner.

The winner also has to write a 2nd post till Tuesday.

If you have questions just ask me in the comments below or contact me on the SteemSchool Discord server.

Remember: From now you have around 24 hours to participate in the contest and tomorrow at 20:00 CET (or before) I will announce the winner!

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My ultimate goal as a Steemit Witness is to improve the quality of the content here on Steemit and to maintain the Steem blockchain.

If you value what I do I would be happy if you would vote for me at the bottom of the Witness voting page. Simply scroll down, enter "valorforfreedom" click on vote and that's it. If I am in the top 50 you can also just vote for me there.

You can also vote for me by clicking on the picture below with my account name in it. Afterwards you simply have to log in with Steemconnect and I will receive your vote.

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SteemSchool Website: Website

SteemSchool Discord Community: Discord

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This is a really cool idea to put minnows in the spotlight I would like to join, however, I do not feel like I make good enough content to be in this contest so I will not waste your time entering and making you read a post that is not worth the contest. instead, I will strive to make my posts better for the next time a contest like this takes place no excuses here I'm just new and need a little time to hone my craft. Fun fact for everyone that reads this the word hone comes from Old English han stone related to Old Norse word hein. I thought that was interesting, I'm still reading the Prose and Poetic Edda you suggested by the way.

Leaving this here as a blessing to everyone.

Have fun and good luck to all participants.

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Great Work mate. Keep Up the Good Work.

I want to participate!

Second to participate.

I want participate

You are the first to participate.

I want to participate in the contest

Third to participate.

I'm very interested in participating in this contest.