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Greetings to all steemians in the Philippines and abroad. In this present time i will be contributing in this contest called "My life's biggest regret contest" crafted and organize by @jason04. He is the mastermind of this unfolding and revealing kind of event.

Below is my Entry for this contest.

I have many regrets in my life but i will be focusing of the most devastating regret of my entire life. I have two life shaking and life draining regrets. One is the death of my father named Ceriaco Pepito. Two is the death of my younger brother named Remar Pepito.

My father died August 01, 2014. He died from severe illness (Diabetics, Tuberculosis, Heart Problem). He endure excruciating pain during his living days. Our family strive our best to sustain all his medication, check ups, and other medical procedures to support his health concerns. He withstand seven (7) years of agonizing pain, aches, physical difficulties and other forms of discomfort.

One day his health just got better. And our family rejoice that moment, little did we know that was the last moment of his time with us. On the following day we found our father lifeless, opposite from yesterday. We are all shocked, emotional, and broken. We were not ready for this moment. We are not prepared for this kind of day. We mourned and grieved on that day up to this present time.

We still haven't moved on from that day. My biggest regret is i wasn't able to thank him for everything he have done to me and my family. My Biggest mistake is i wasn't able to say sorry for all the wrong and mistake i have done. For all the pain i have caused him. For all the failure i have given to him. For all the lapses and shortcoming i have bestow upon him. If given a chance i want to speak with him, embrace him and say "I'm so so Sorry" for being not the person he wish me to be. I

'm so sorry if i didn't made you proud. I'm sorry for being irresponsible and immature whenever our family is confronting tough and rough times. And lastly, i want to thank him for all you've taught us. Thank you for sharing your kindness, gentleness, wisdom, strength, ideas, life principles and positive experience. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You will always be our inspiration. You will always be our hope. You will always be our shining star. And you will always be our loving father. And I love you Pa.

My father at the church where he wish to be blessed and forgiven

Thank you Papa for everything. You will always be in our hearts, from this day on until the last of our breathe.

He inherited the gentle character of my father. He is the most soft hearted person in our sibling. He is just teen who wish to help and uplift his family from suffering and painful situation. He is the mild taking person of the family. His calmness strengthen the family during strenuous time. His mildness made him the friendliest person in our community. But life played a very painful situation to us. My brother was murdered by cold hearted hijackers who didn't just took his motorcycle, they also took his life. His death is still unresolved up to this moment. No witness could point out the criminals who killed my brother. My biggest regret is i wasn't able to say sorry for all my lapses to him as his older brother. I wasn't able to say sorry for all the wrong i have done to him. and i wasn't able to thank him for being such a wonderful brother and a great son to the family. I wasn't got the chance to say i love him.

The greatest regret anyone will ever have is the failure to express their feeling and thoughts to their love ones. If ever you got the chance to say something. Say it. As if it is the last day of your life. or else you will be hunted by regret. Don't follow my frustration and disappointment. May this post open your eyes and please wake up with the reality you can never turn back time.

Thank you for sharing your time and attention with my humble entry. If you wish to join this fascinating contest. Kindly click the link below for more direction and instruction.

I strongly recommend and suggest the following individuals to partake this contest.

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@eldean @ishanvirtue @logan1617
@field04 @itsreena @ruelrevales

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart sir @surpassinggoogle for being such a generous person, who possess gentle heart. His kindness have touch many lives.

Please support him as a witness by voting him at and type in "steemgigs" at the first search box.

If you want to give him witness voting decisions on your behalf, visit again and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.

Kindly support, @teardrops

Thank you

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Mukhang mahirap itong contest na 'to... I'll try to join pero mukhang wala akong entry hehe... Wish you luck :)

lahat tayo mayroon pinagsisihan. mga bagay, tao at pangyayari na nais sana natin maitama o maituwid. maybe in this post you might be able to express it.

Hilak jud ko dong pinaiyak mo ako
You made me cry...By the way,life is too short.They are both in heaven.It is never too late,still they can hear your sorry,Amping ka permi dong.

live life to the fullest nay. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and prayers nay.

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Tama ka dong...not only you had experienced lost,me too.I lost my husband when I was 34 while i was away from my family.NOW im 48..

im sorry for your lost nay. im proud of you now. thanks for being such an inspiration of courage, bravery, resiliency and hope nay.

Way sapayan dong.thks is life

God Bless you always nay.

Saamat dong

Salamat dong

Thank you for that heart-warming and touching entry @uwanderer. I know that your brother and father is in heaven now and for sure they already have heard your loving words them. This serves as a lesson to everyone that we should express and say what we want to say to our love ones because we do not know when will God take them:)

thank you for tailoring such wonderful avenue to express and channel all those suppress feelings bro. keep up the good work.

xin chào bạn.
to be nam việt nam.
do not support for anh for much.
to you feel your post your good and out of the meaning.

i dont understand your message. kindly translate it properly.

You know this made me think and question a bit the agency that is responsible for peace and order in Cagayan de Oro, I don't know but they seemed to be ineffecient in doing their jobs.

My nephew died due to accident few months ago near jr borja st during that time his motorcycle was stolen and until now authorities never give light to the issue.

Anyhow I wish you were able to move on already, if theres something that you think you didnt make it right you can always make it up in some other ways.

And even if I think this entry is for the win you made me want to create my own, I will be submitting shortly thats for sure.

lacking of police power and strict implementation of law. yan ang kulang sa cdo. if may ma cctv camera lang sa bawat vicinity. criminals might think twice bago magcommit ng crime. kindly tagged me sir long sa post nyo about this content. thank you sir long for dropping by.

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