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Hello Steemians!

Thanks for all your support! We would like to create a high-quality community to discuss the blockchain industry including technology, cryptocurrency, trending...

So it's our first simple but innovative contest! All you have to do to enter is to share your ideas about public blockchain and post it in the comment section.

The winners will be selected from people that comment on this post by admin of ugChain.


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    TOPIC: Tell us about your favorite public blockchain project (such as Ethereum,EOS, or any other public blockchain project that you adore), you can also introduce it briefly to us or why you think it is promising : ) If you had written something about your favorite public blockchain project, just post a link as a comment to this one.

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About ugChain

ugChain is a blockchain based virtual assets management platform. ugChain has obtained the first cornerstone investment from "Blockchain Industry Alliance and Blockchain Industry Fund" jointly established by the listed companies KeDa (600986.SH), Forgame (00484.HK), HC(02280.HK), People's Venture Capital and Canana. UGC has been listed on OKEx, Allcoin, and OTCBTC.

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My favorite it’s matrix Matrix this is what is
Matrix is an open-source blockchain that supports smart contracts and machine learning services. With its infrastructure reinforced with artificial intelligence (AI), Matrix aims revolutionise the user experience of executing smart contracts by making the whole process faster, easier, and safer.

Another could be sphere that is like steemit a descentrilized network that has his own coin name SAT

Wow, the first comment! Thanks for sharing!

You’re welcome

Blockchain is the world's leading software platform for digital assets. Offering the largest production blockchain platform in the world, they are using new technology to build a radically better financial system. Their software has powered over 100 million transactions and empowered users in 140 countries across the globe to transact quickly and without costly intermediaries.
They also offer tools for developers and real time transaction data for users to analyze the burgeoning digital economy.
Their wallet offers services for Bitcoins, Ethereum and Bitcoincash users. I, personally, am on this platform and use all the cryptocurrencies offered here. But my favorite is Bitcoins because of it's widespread use.

Hello! I really find your post very interesting and creative and here's my opinion:
Recently I have been very interested in these topics for cryptocurrencies since it is everywhere and there are miles, although if I saw it in its way of taking and studying it is a bit complicated, while I follow the information obtained in UbiquiCoin it is a coin very practical that in my opinion is made for people like me, who want to use it in our days to days, whether to go to the supermarket or buy a pair of shoes. The UbiquiCoin team uses a unique arrangement of currencies that offers benefits for investors but it is also valid for companies and companies, to maintain a state of currency at a stable price. Which is the key to my interest in them.

If you want to see how they work here is their page:

Farma trust is the one i love best

What is farma trust?
FarmaTrust ICO is a genuine utilize case for blockchain technology in regard of its capacity to make changeless records along these lines fulfilling controllers' prerequisite of incorruptable information and in addition track and follow commitments. See more on framatrust on my blog

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my favorite is PowerLedger

power ledger is one of the tokens that works towards a green cause!

they are working to make a marketplace of renewable energy

they are using the blockchain technology to automate market trading platform
so people can sell/buy energy that they saved and dont need to their neighbors in the price they choose

they plan to revolutionalize the worldwide energy industry
so people can buy energy from each others (that they got through solar pannels too) without any big buissness in the middle!

My favourite blockchain project is MATRIX.

Matrix is an open-source blockchain that supports smart contracts and machine learning services. With its infrastructure reinforced with artificial intelligence (AI), Matrix aims revolutionise the user experience of executing smart contracts by making the whole process faster, easier, and safer.

It’s a complete blockchain solution which aims to offer flexible blockchain networks that support continuous adaptive self-optimisation and multi-chain transaction. As a result of refactoring the blockchain with AI, Matrix also allows its mining power to be used in AI based big data applications (gene regulatory networks, clinical diagnoses, video analytics, financial modelling etc.) by solving complex AI algorithms and this mining power can be rented out as required by consumers. This takes the large amounts of energy consumed by typical proof of work calculations and allows them to directly add value to the world, and to the applications that will run on the MATRIX chain. The idea is incredibly well thought out and the engineers have had the foresight to think about the issues that may trip up other blockchains down the line in terms of environmentalism, self optimisation and wide-spread smart contract deployment.

Business at Matrix

Matrix are the sole blockchain partner for the National Government commissioned One Belt One Road Research and Development Centre for and sole AI solution for the centre. Matrix will act as an enterprise incubator and will be the only blockchain project adopted by companies which pursue OBOR goals with the centre. The national government have put aside trillions to pour into belt and road projects and have recently invested $2.1 billion in an AI research park in Beijing. A perfect combination. It’s a certainty that many international contracts both between governments of different countries and companies of different countries will be signed as a result of this partnership
Invested in by F&H VC, which is lead directly by the former CTO of Alibaba Group
Partnered with Hyperledger
Have a deep partnership with Gecheng IP, one of the most renowned IP firms in China with clients such as Total, Dell, Bentley, LG, Qualcomm and more. Gecheng is working with Matrix to move their work flow to the blockchain meaning that there’s potential for all of the clients that they work with to interact with the Matrix blockchain as well
Partnered with CY Credit, who are a big data technology service company which, under the guidance of the central government and national development and reform commission, are enhancing credit information sharing and reporting data domestically and internationally. A perfect use for blockchain.
Partnered with the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology. A government body in Malaysia under the Prime Minister’s department put together to align industry and government in Malaysia. Their primary goal is to act as an interlocutor between members in order to push forward Malaysia’s high tech industry in accordance with government goals. Members include giants like Petronas, Sime Darby, and Honeywell.

There are multiple blockchain project but my favourite is. Vechain


VeChain is an Enterprise-focused IoT and dApp platform for products and information. It aims to connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing robust infrastructure through the use of RFID and other similar IoT technologies. This is being achieved through partnerships and collaborations with innovative brands and industries, largely aided by their partner and former incubator PwC.

Vechain literally translates to something like “The Only Chain”; they eventually aim to be the one coin to rule them all — the new and improved Bitcoin, perhaps. I’m not entirely convinced by that goal, however I do believe that VeChain will end up as the IBM of the blockchain world and many of the world’s heavyweights and Fortune 500 businesses will go to VeChain for their blockchain enterprise solutions. Goals like this cannot be achieved without significant business and technical acumen, so it’s a good thing VeChain has both. Their mainnet is scheduled for Q2 2018 but they have been providing enterprise solutions on their private blockchain for some time now.

Business at VeChain

Their business connections is VeChain’s strong point. Thanks to their PwC connection they are able to connect with huge enterprises and talk to them about VeChain. Many of their partners need no introduction, some of them are:

China Unicom
And the list goes on.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about VeChain is that they also recently announced a “National Level Partnership” in which they have the privilege of trialling VeChain technology in the special government zone the Gui’an New Area. The trials will see the local government in the area move parts of their workflow to the blockchain and if successful could see wide scale roll outs across the country. Given that the zone is an area mandated by the central government, it is no stretch to assume that there are central government eyes on VeChain.

On January 24th VeChain have a facebook live stream with DNV GL where they will further announce details of their deep and special partnership. This may be the first time we have seen a massive enterprise like DNV GL openly champion and promote a public blockchain partner, and it shows that the business development side of VeChain is perhaps the best in class. They have started to be picked up by mainstream media in China, most notably Yicai, who have been seen tweeting and retweeting a lot about VeChain recently. Yicai are state-owned and are one of the leading financial news and investment outlets in the country.

My favourite blockchain is nebulas


Typically when I see “search protocol” blockchain projects I get anxious because I immediately think about what might happen if Google ever decided they wanted to enter the blockchain space. Until that day comes, Nebulas is the solution. Aside from it being a search protocol, Nebulas has its own VM which supports dApp development, and its efficient upgrade system allows for rapid scalability. Nebulas makes the list because as blockchains become more mainstream and begin to see actual real world use, blockchain projects will need a robust, intuitive search feature, and many will go to Nebulas for this.

To rank items in a search engine, there needs to be some established value system. A way of judging one project, dApp, user, or protocol from another. Nebulas has designed a value system for blockchain and this value system enables Nebulas to effectively “value” users and accounts and reward them accordingly. Combine this with dApps, smart contracts, and other advanced features and Nebulas can become a serious competitor if they do well.

Business at Nebulas

The founder of Nebulas was one of the founders of Antshares
Nebulas are connected with Tencent through their WeStart program which will see them get funding and advice from the company, and will help them connect with other companies under the WeStart umbrella
Partnered with “500 Startups”, an incubator and VC investor similar to the Tencent WeStart program
Have already begun building relationships within the blockchain community which is very important for a protocol project. Current partners from the blockchain space include YOYOW, Gifto (whose platform will start off already having 30 million users — a ranking system will be essential), and Loopring
Invested in by FBG Capital, a VC which has backed a number of successful Chinese blockchain projects in the past.

My favourite blockchain project is etherium.


Market capitalization: $73 bln
Ethereum is a decentralized platform that works with smart contracts. Smart contracts allow making agreements that are executed automatically without any human interaction.

Vitalik Buterin, the winner of 2014 World Technology Award, and Jeffrey Wilcke, the former Vice President of Amazon, launched the project July 30, 2015.

In 2017, every three out of four projects were performed on the Ethereum platform, making it the most popular platform for ICO over the year.

Around 13 mln people use its services. Its token, ETH, is currently the third among all the currencies after Bitcoin and Ripple in market cap.

My favourite blockchain project is IOTA


Market capitalization: approx. $15 bln
IOTA is an open-source distributed ledger specialized in the Internet of Things. This system has no transaction fees, low confirmation time and is stable regardless the number of transactions since its technology is based on an innovative consensus model “Tangle.” This model does not have blocks, chains and miners. If you want to make a transaction, you have to approve two previous transactions pointed by the system. These actions prove that all nodes have the same current state.

The project was launched in July 2016 by David Sønstebø, a serial entrepreneur and Dominik Schiener.

In November 2017, IOTA partnered with PwC, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom and others for data monetization program.

The company also received significant investments from the Bosch Group this year

Fusion - The Future of Finance
images (9).png
Fusion will establish a new platform for cryptofinance. Fusion intends will be solving the divide between cross platform compatibility on the blockchain in the new world of "Internet of Values". The Internet of Values is a newly coined term that defines the ability to instantly transfer value the same way that we are able to instantly transmit data and information through the Internet.
The application of "Internet of Values" goes beyond traditional financial transactions. Every digital asset, token and cryptocurrency has a certain value as determined by the market.
The Fusion blockchain will enable blockchain developers to build applications for the new world of cryptofinance that allow multi-token smart contracts. While the blockchain is an amazing technology that has innumerable applications, it has developed certain shortcomings as many new projects enter the sphere. There is a lack of direct methods of operation and exchange of value between different chains as well as platforms. This restricts blockchain technology to operating within a sphere of their separate ecosystems. While this may work perfectly fine for their intended purposes, it restricts the number of financial tools that can be applied to such a disconnected market.

Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📉 24h📈 7d
SBDSteem Dollars1.737$-6.26%-1.13%


Chimaera is a blockchain that was established for a number of reasons, but primarily for blockchain game development on one hand and to facilitate the management of games and assets. Presently, most platforms focus on one aspect of the online gaming industry, however, as stated, Chimaera is an all-encompassing system in that it makes it possible for individuals and groups of individuals to develop and publish online games from the time of conception to the time of release. Chimaera makes this possible by connecting individuals and groups directly to the ecosystem’s blockchain.

So what is the Significance of this?
A major barrier to entry in the gaming space is cost. This is especially for developers. The costs and burdens that accompany the purchasing of hardware servers and the resources needed to maintain them can be astronomically high. This is especially so for small players who are having problems entering the space. It is even worst when they seek to build something from scratch. The Chimera model mitigates against this, which means the cash-strapped developer will not have to worry about investing large amounts to bring their ideas to fruition.
Because many of the technologies that were once not affordable, are “automated with the implementation of Chimaera on the blockchain,” and hence these financial impediments are eliminated. This is truly a revolutionary approach, and is bolstered by Chimera’s SDK, API, Tool Kit and Developmental Hub.

My favorite is Brave

Market capitalization: $340 mln

Brave is a web browser that blocks advertisements and trackers. As a result, websites work faster and traffic decreases significantly. So you save your time and money. In addition, you cannot catch any malware in the ad clicking on it accidentally.

Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript programming language and co-founder of Mozilla, and Brian R. Bondy, a winner of Microsoft MVP Award for Visual C++ in 2010-2011, launched Brave in May 2017.

My favorite project is Qtum

Market capitalization: $5 bln

Qtum is the first UTXO-based smart contract system with a proof-of-stake consensus model. The platform use Account Attraction Layer to combine Bitcoin Core and Ethereum Virtual Machine. Proof-of-stake model reduces the computational difficulty in the network and increases scaling possibilities. On Dec. 28, 2017, Qtum and Baofeng, the largest video hosting in China, announcedthe partnership to transform the music and movie industry work.

Patrick Dai, Neil Mahi, the former Chief Blockchain Architect at BitSE, and Jordan Earls launched Qtum in March 2017.

My favorite public blockchain project is the Ethereum project.

It is a proven block-chain for which it is the key base protocol for the majority of the ICO projects.

GP Bullhound performed a comparison study of Ethereum, Waves, Bitcoin and Neo from 2015 to 2017; ICO projects on Ethereum is about 90% by number of projects and 96% by volume denominated in USD.

201805_GP Bullhound Research - Cryptocurrencies – 2018

my favourit is Bitcoin!

My best is gochain

What is GoChain?
GoChain is a smart contract platform blockchain aimed at solving the issues present in platforms like Ethereum. The Ethereum network has issues with scalability, decentralization and security. GoChain is designed for immediate integration, allowing developers and existing Ethereum projects to shift their projects into GoChain smoothly. GoChain currently has a TestNet that is fully functioning. The prototype currently handles 1300-2400 transactions per second.

Current State of Ethereum & DAPPs
Ethereum led a revolution in the world of cryptocurrencies. There are thousands of projects built on the network with no sign of slowing down. The problem is the number of transactions the network can handle per second, which stands at 13 transactions per second. Given how widely Ethereum is used, this is a small number that is already facing scaling issues.

The GoChain Solution
GoChain aims to solve the issues experienced by the Ethereum network by addressing three key components.

Energy Consumption:
GoChain will be 1000 times more energy efficient. Energy consumption is one of the huge problems faced by many POW networks.

Transaction speeds of 100 times. This will allow GoChain to not only improve existing services but also enable new types of projects moving forward.

GoChain TestNet
GoChain has a strong beta that has proven to be able to perform 1300 transactions per second.

My favourite is still ugchain

ugChain – Blockchain for Gaming

ugChain is the first ecosystem consisting of a series of decentralized applications in China, and its core is a decentralized account system (DAS) based on blockchain technology. The system has built-in exclusive token UG Token (UGT), which simultaneously has the equity attribute and monetary attribute.
The DAS is a decentralized account system featuring user autonomy built on the Ethereum, providing hassle-free user experience in information authorization across service providers – by only requiring user to provide the signature with his/her private key, rather than traditional experience to register and log in with password under each centralized service provider. This architecture enables user to save his/her account by himself/herself without depending on storage of the centralized service provider.
Read more here

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My favorite is Ethereum! ERC 20 is still mainstream

#Mine is #Bitcoin and ethereum, just new to cryptocurrency, this are my favorite and the ones am familiar with.

State of the art public Blockchain include the following example (Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcash, Steem, Dodgecoin, etc) protocols based on Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithms are open source and not permissioned. Anyone can participate, without permission.
• Virtually anybody can download the code and start running a public node on their local device, validating transactions in the network, thus participating in the consensus process – the process for determining what blocks get added to the chain and what the current state is.
• Anyone in the world can send transactions through the network and expect to see them included in the blockchain if they are valid.
• Anyone can read transaction on the public block explorer. Transactions are transparent, but anonymous/pseudonumous.
• Very fast and efficient


• Potential to disrupt current business models through disintermediation. No infrastructural costs: That is to say need to maintain servers or system admins radically reduces the costs of creating and running decentralized applications (dApps).

Thank you


Thanks for supporting : )

I like Nebulas

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