Join the @uefa-leagues Prediction Contest - 1st Edition 2018 - Round #2 | ALL Liquid STEEM earned until the end of the 1st edition in Prizes!

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You've seen it right, here is a new round of the Prediction Contest in Europa Leagues and the prize will be all the liquid STEEM that will result from all the contest posts until the end of the 1st Edition, so join as early as possible to have a chance to be one of the winners

The UEFA leagues have just started in the group stages and so it begins a new era from the history of the European Football that we all love.

As you might figured out, a prediction contest is not only for specialists so you don´t have to be a good analyst in football, you can simply base your predictions on your luck rate.

What you need to do to qualify?

Well this are the RULES

1 - Write a comment on this post with your predictions with the correct score for the following games that will take place on the 4th of October 2018

FC Zürich -- Ludogorets
FC Salzburg -- Celtic
Zenit -- Slavia Praga
Anderlecht -- Dinamo Zagreb
Qarabağ -- Arsenal
AC Milan -- Olympiakos
Spartak Moskva -- Villarreal
Rangers -- Rapid Viena
Krasnodar -- Sevilla
Apollon -- Marseille
Frankfurt -- Lazio
FK Jablonec -- Dinamo Kiev
Chelsea -- Vidi

2 -After commenting with your predictions you will get a reply on your comment freezing your prediction

3 - Resteem this post. We want to have hundreds of entries.

4 - Upvote this post. The prize must increase.

5 - Once you get the reply, you can´t edit your comment anymore.

6 - You can submit your entry until June 4th of October 2018 at 07:04 PM, UTC+03:00 time zone.

Scoring: For each correct score you predict you will be awarded four (4) point. If you don't guess the right score but you guess the winner, for each predicted winner you will get one (1) point. At the end of the 1st Edition, the prize pool (all the liquid steem from the contest posts) will be shared with the top 10 contestants. The number of winners might be increased more than 10 depending on the final prize pool obtained from the contest posts.

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Good luck to everyone and we hope we will see many predictions !


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