Congratulations to all winner. Winning announcement of my Birthday prediction Contest.

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Hello friends!

It is my great pleasure to announce the winner of my birthday prediction contest. I would like to say huge thank you to all the participants for their great prediction of my age. All guyz was very good with good prediction so it was extremely hard to decide on the winning one.

You can see all predictions and participants in this post:

I want to say thanks to all guyz who wishing my birthday. Guyz these is my 27th Birthday. My birth date is 29th November 1991.

I want to share with you the winner name.

First winner is @impi

He will win 6 Steem prize money from me.

Thanks buddy for joining my birthday contest. Thanks to all guyz because of you guyz make my birthday beautiful. I will passing a great birthday on my life.

Okay, than i want to share those steemians who also share with the right prediction. I will give them little steem ammount to their wallet. I will give them 0.200 steem to those people's who say that right prediction and i will give 0.100 steem to those people's who trying to winning these contest with successfully entries. (like upvote follow and resteem that post).

I will sending steem total 63 person.

My contest reward was 10 steem but i send more than 15+ steem.

Thank you guyz. Stay with me.


Bro i send you memo please check . thanks

How you send me memo? Sorry brother i didn't get your memo.

You got a 6.66% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @explorenature!

Thanks for the contest

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You are always welcome dear. Thanks for your support.

My prediction is right. When you will make contest like this? We really enjoyed that contest.

And I also Upvote this post and Resteem too. So please give me one vote, So we can grow together. Thanks

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Thanks for your support. My next contest start will be Thursday.

So you're 27. 😎I wanted to guess this😹Once again, I wish you happiness every day😚

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Yaap 27!! Once again Thank you dear for your lovely wish and your support.

Happy birthday, I hope you enjoyed it a lot. Congratulations to the winner.

Yaap buddy. I enjoy these contest and these is one of my best birthday.

Ah 27 :) A good number. Happy Birthday again.

Yaap I'm 27!! Thanks again buddy.

bro i want to talk with you please tell me how i contact with you ?

Have you discord or telegram?

Sure. Check your telegram.

Happy birthday in arrears💝

Thank you very much for your wish.

By the way, you might want to try out Partiko, it's the best Steem mobile app out there and allows you to send private messages!

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What is the benefit of partiko app?

This is what the push notifications screen looks like.

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Great. Now i'm on the travelling for my long tour. I will try it next time. Thank you

A couple of things, clean simple design, push notifications, messaging

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Thanks for the consolation prize @udvas I already received mine. Hope you had a happy birthday.

Yaap i will passing one of the best birthday. You are always welcome dear @quatro

Happy Birthday!!!

Greetings from Venezuela!!!! :-*

Thank you very much. I'm glad i get a wish from Venezuela!!

Ha, ha! I was really a close one.

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Yaap really close one. Good job dear.

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Excellent friend, do not win but I think his dynamic support is very good.

Dynamic support?

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