Unleash your Imagination! Join the Tell a Tale Contest

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An awesome day to all steemians!

All of us have their own story to tell. We fantasize on something that may or could have happen. May it be in an alternate reality or another world perhaps. Currently I am working with a novel that I will be publishing also here in steemit which is under the category of Fiction, Magic and Adventure.

I am a no reader of those stories and if you will be asking me who is my favorite author I can only say Paulo Coelho and C.S. Lewis because I was able to read "some" of their works.

I haven't read J.K. Rowling's work btw but I am familiar with Harry Potter Series.

For this contest I do want to help some steemians unleash their imagination in writing stories. May it be a short story or a novel with some chapters that will work. I started writing some stories in our local dialect and I was able to make some friends out it. Each time that I will be seeing their comments on how the liked the storeis that I tell it gives me encouragement to do more and level-up my game further.

This time, I do want to return the favor that I received and that is why I am hosting this mini-contest. Who knows you also have a knack in writing fiction stories that you didn't know.

For the contest here are the mechanics

  • Upvote the post

  • The theme is Fiction, with Magic/Adventure/Paranormal or Supernatural.
    Your topic should be at least the following:

  • Fiction with Magic and Adventure.
  • Fiction with Magic and Paranormal or Supernatural
  • Fiction with Adventure and Paranormal or Supernatural
  • Fiction with Magic, Adventure and Paranormal or Supernatural.
  • You can also choose whether you will be writing a short story or a chapter 1 of the novel ( ONLY THE CHAPTER 1 ). Also I will accept only the new post after this announcement so if you have an old story that you will be using it will not be accepted.

For the short-story the minimum is 500 words and the maximum is 2,000 words
For the chapter 1 novel the minimum is 1,000 words and the maximum is 4,000 words
The following words will be counted in MS Word and I will check it manually.

  • It should be original and your own work. Not originally copied from google and other story sites. The concept of this mini-contest is to unleash your creativity in writing and not creativity in copying or even spinning some stories by using the article spinner found it google.

  • You can have your own title but use the tag #tellatale so that I will know that it is an entry to the contest. Do not also forget to drop your link in the comments for it to be counted.

  • It should also have some images with regards to the images that you will be using, if you are an artist you can draw your own character or scenery etc. I am good with atleast 2 or 3 images ( not mandatory but there's a plus )

  • It should be in English.

  • You can join both categories but it should be in a different post each. (1 entry in each category)

    Prize for the Chapter 1 Novel

    3 SBD - For the 1st prize
    2 SBD - For the 2nd prize
    1 SBD - For the 3rd prize

    Prize for the Short Story

    1.5 SBD - For the 1st prize
    1 SBD - For the 2nd prize
    0.5 SBD - For the 3rd prize

    I will be accepting entries until 27th of March 2018 12:00 PM Manila Time and the announcement of winners will be on 29th of March 2018 same time 12:00 PM Manila Time.

    The judges will be me and also @raj808 one of the poetry/fiction mentors over at #promo-mentors. Also if you would like to join our community the @promo-mentors wherein we help new steemians grow and develop their blogging passion you can definitely visit us on discord using this link

    I'll be waiting for the links in the comment box with your stories and thanks for supporting it! All the best and good luck!

    I do want to thank @jazzhero and @chinitacharmer for their donation on the said contest. Also if you want this contest to be ongoing you can definitely help! You can send me a message in discord to sponsor in the upcoming contest.


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Upvote ko na lang. Ok bye! lol!

@moneyinfant has added your contest to the list Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #54. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

The list was created to save writers the excessive amount of time spent searching through the #contest tag for writing contests. Now they can just come to the list each day, see new contests and use their time doing what they love - writing.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!


Thanks this is really appreciated @moneyinfant.


My pleasure.

I feel excited about it, thank you for your post.
Kryptonia @ziggy

Ako din resteem ko nalang. Hahahaha. SUPPORT KO NALANG KAYO!



Haha sumali ka din @itsjessamae isama mo ang helicopter in the story with some unicorns on the side.


Hahahah, jusko baka ibang adventure to! hahahaha


Hahahah nako you can still join kahit short story entry lang. Yaka mo yan.
Tama na ako sa Englishan this day


Ahahahahaha 😂🤣😂🤣


ssupport nalang kita sis! hahaha

Ooh, parang gusto ko rin sumali, kaso mga halimaw sa writing naman ata mga kasali >.< Heheh


Sumali ka haha wag mong isipin ung mga halimaw sa writing.

Resteemed! 😊 I will be one of the support crew na lng. hahaha.


Sumali ka din para supporting crew ++ hahaha.

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LoL! Ang mga banggiitan sa labanan ay nandiyan na, tatapatan ko na lng ng mga litrato tay @tpkidkai. Go #OHANA! I am excited. 😊

Ang saya nito! 😍 I'll surely join!


Haha thanks @chinitacharmer I will definitely look out for your post. More witchcraft stuff?


Hahahaha! Lahat na ng halimaw isasali ko! 😂🤣

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Nice post. I upvoted it and resteemed please do the same to me... Lol, I was just playing with you. I will be surely joining this one, been a long time since my last steemit post, so I sure as hell am brimming with ideas. Or maybe not, who knows. Anyway, good luck with the contest and to all the participants.


Thanks man! I will follow you back let's support each other happy steeming!

Awesome bro! I will definitely wait on that post of yours may it be a short story or a novel. Woohoo! Finally I will be reading your piece in English and scrutinize it. I know you will do well on this contest all the best!


is this 2 contest in 1 post? If it is I might join both. Hmmm...


Yep 2 Categories you can both join the Chapter 1 Novel or the Short Story :)

Resteem ko nalang. Anjan na sila no chance of winning hahahaha


Sasali na yan! Hahaha laban lang @allerie00

Can I post mutiple entries. Thank you in advance.


Hello thanks for the interest!

I will only be accepting 1 entry per category.

Upvote and resteem ko nalang din hahahaha 😁

Excellent and my Kryptonia account is @ianstevenson

Sasali paba ako eh anjan na si @chinitacharmer..pack up na nga besh

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Sali ka sa category na di nya sasalihan para may chance na manalo haha. Pero I will be waiting for your piece Bert. Nagpoetry ka na nung nakaraan this time fiction naman woohoo!


Hahahaha ay pag bugal bugal dinha 😂 Apil ta ani oie. 😂

beautiful place, keep it up. @chetachi26

interesting post from kryptonia @everdope

Nice post i resteem an [email protected]

Good post I like it and upvote you. @jamescrusader44

You really tried here, nice work, my kryptonia id is @grace234

This is a good avenue for the aspiring writers. Upvoted and resteemed by rubelynmacion of krypto

Most interesting post, kryptonia id @ofili2

My submission for the Chapter 1 Novel category here

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Good for you to hold a contest. I think this is a difficult task.

I'm coming to you from @kryptonia with the same user name. It's Sunday @kryptonia re-steeming day for me and you are a part of that :)

That image is a rather unfortunate devaluation of a painting by Daniel Lieske, called "The Journey Begins".

Here is my entry for the contest, short story category here

Lol, got busy, was planning to make 2 entries for short story and 1st chapter story, here's my entry though for "chapter 1" category": https://steemit.com/@jamesanity06/bonds-an-entry-to-tpkidkai-s-tellatale-contest...


Excellent!!! Kryptonia account is @bmejia

This is my entry.Thank you for giving me chance.God bless you @tpkidkai